Parkway Drive Release ‘Wild Eyes’ Live At WACKEN Video

Wanna hear the largest amount of Parkway Drive fans belting out the “woaahhh ohhh ohhhhs” from ‘Wild Eyes‘? Well, your dreams have become reality as the band released their newest live video from their EPIC WACKEN Open Air Festival headline slot and goddamn I just wanna go now!

The clip comes from the band’s forthcoming live album Viva The Underdogs Soundtrack which, you guessed it, coincides with the release of their third doco/movie of the same name and if you missed it in cinemas, well, what are you doing with your life mate? The soundtrack comes out March 27th so there’s still plenty of time to get one in your life and go back to the official announcement news which featured a new German rendition of their song ‘The Void (Die Leere)’

This band are unstoppable right now. Catch them on tour with Hatebreed and Every Time I Die later in the year (details here)

Pre-Order the Viva The Underdogs Soundtrack HERE

Viva The Underdogs Soundtrack Art

Parkway Drive – Viva The Underdogs Soundtrack tracklisting

1. Prey (Live at Wacken)
2. Carrion (Live at Wacken)
3 Karma (Live at Wacken)
4. The Void (Live at Wacken)
5. Idols (Live at Wacken)
6. Dedicated (Live at Wacken)
7. Absolute Power (Live at Wacken)
8. Wild Eyes (Live at Wacken)
9. Chronos (Live at Wacken)
10. Crushed (Live at Wacken)
11. Bottom Feeder (Live at Wacken)
12. Würgegriff (Vice Grip)
13. Die Leere (The Void)
14. Schattenboxen (Shadow Boxing) feat. Casper

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