Okilly Dokilly – Photo Gallery 15th February @ The Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC

Okilly Dokilly
The Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC
15th February 2020
Support: Dr Colossus

Hi-diddly-ho Wall of Sound Readerinos! We HAD to hit up what we’re calling the heavy metal Simpsons’ gig of the year featuring Ned Flanders‘ inspired metal act Okilly Dokilly on their debut Australian appearance alongside local act Dr Colossus for a night of fun, headbanging and Simpsons references/puns galore (including a very Stupid Sexy Flanders moment no one was expecting!!!)

On the show itself, our photographer Clinton said:

“I didn’t have high expectations after listening to their records, but fuck both of these bands are sensational live. I spent the whole night giggling”

And that my friends is possibly the shortest and sweetest review we’ve published in WoS history hahaha

Relive our interview with Head Ned prior to the tour commencing right here

Photo Gallery by Clinton Hatfield. Insta: @ampd.agency
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Dr Colossus

Okilly Dokilly

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