Polaris Unleash Their EPIC ‘Landmine’ Upon Us All

Polaris 2K20. Photo: Sandra Markovic

We’re literally a week away from Polaris‘ highly anticipated second album The Death of Me dropping (our review here) and if you can’t contain your excitement, then maybe you should check out their latest single ‘Landmine‘ which is an absolutely heavy piece of work that needs to be heard as loud as possible.

On the subject of ‘Landmine‘ drummer/songwriter Daniel Furnari says:

“I think we all reach a point sometime in our late adolescence or early adulthood where we finally realise the world doesn’t just exist to serve us as individuals, and never did. A realisation that maybe you’re not as special and unique as you were made to feel as a kid – you’re not the star of everyone’s movie, only your own little life. Ultimately no one else cares if you succeed or fail, and no one is going to keep picking you up and dusting you off and pointing you in the right direction when you screw up. “Landmine” is a nihilistic, sarcastic celebration of accepting all of that.”

He adds:

“This track was born from a handful of riffs that were programmed into a laptop on the plane trip over to Europe a little over a year ago, when we were about to start our tour with Architects. Initially it was just an experiment to see what I could do with some new plugins I’d bought, but we added a couple more ideas to it throughout the tour, and when we got home and started expanding on those ideas it became “Landmine”. We were all pretty thirsty for something we could bang our heads to at that point, and what resulted was one of the heaviest tracks we’ve written to date.”

When writing about the new single, our reviewer Ebony Story said:

Landmine’ gives off some Slipknot vibes, something in the vocal delivery and the sliding riffs. But in all realness, this is 100% a live song. The thrashy breakdown is going to have people throwing down, the chanting of “Hey!” is a very purposeful (and smart) addition to involve the crowd even further. Basically ‘Landmine’ is an absolute landmine. It’s gonna blow up.

Good enough for you? Thrash it right now. Also, keep an eye out a little later on today for the next episode of Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall featuring Daniel Furnari of co-hosting and chatting all about ‘Landmine‘, how it was influenced by Slipknot and Thy Art Is Murder and the music video’s connection to the movie Mission Impossible 2!

Pre-order The Death of Me here.

Polaris TDOM Cover 1080x1080

Polaris – The Death Of Me tracklisting

1. Pray For Rain
2. Hypermania
3. Masochist
4. Landmine
5. Vagabond
6. Creatures Of Habit
7. Above My Head
8. Martyr (Waves)
9. All Of This Is Fleeting
10. The Descent

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