PREMIERE: Unleash Hell With Future Static’s New Single ‘Choke’

Melbourne alternative/pop punk trio Future Static are gearing up for a breakout year, and we’re stoked to bring you their newest single! ‘Choke’ is a fiery track fuelled and inspired by feelings of fear and anxiety. Frontwoman Bri Marsh has a few words to say about the song’s inspiration:

 “‘Choke’ takes theme from the constant fear that every good thing is temporary. Believing that you don’t deserve good things creates self-sabotage. ‘Choking on the smoke’ of a fire you lit yourself, believing that even if you didn’t, it would have crashed and burned anyway. 

The song is backed by Bri’s incredible, powerful voice, which is only bound to take her places in the not-too-distant future. Alongside the hard rock riffs by guitarist Ryan Qualizza and bassist Kira Neil and with a forthcoming EP in the works, this three-piece are on track to a bright future ahead!

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