Patient Sixty-Seven – Home Truths (EP Review)

Patient Sixty-Seven – Home Truths EP
Released: February 14th, 2020


Tom Kiely // Vocals
Rory Venville // Guitar/Vocals
Declan Le Tessier // Guitar
Giuliano Macri // Drums



Perth’s thriving heavy music scene has consistently continually from strength to strength over the last few years. One act from Perth that has begun turning heads is metalcore act Patient Sixty-Seven and they just so happen to be giving us one of the best valentines day gifts possible with their latest offering Home Truths.

The EP kicks off with the ever so atmospheric tune ‘Home Truths’. With a long introduction that heavily focusses on the action-packed drumming, unclean Vocalist Tom Kiely‘s deathcore styled vocals soon follow and the pace of the song is pushed faster. The instrumentals in this song continually ebbs and flows seemingly effortlessly, making for an easy listening experience. Both vocalists Rory (clean) and Tom (unclean) are a perfect match with their vocals as they seem to complement each other’s voice in a unique yet enticing way. ‘Where To From Here’ is next up, with an alluring guitar riff throughout the intro. Lyrically this song includes details of a beloved friend or family member of the band going through a life-altering illness and the emotions involved with the process of dealing with that. Clean vocalist Rory did (I dare say it) a perfect job with the chorus. The instrumentals in this song are incredibly tight-knit and are beyond this act’s years. with a breakdown at the halfway point, there is something in this track for everyone.

‘Blackout’ begins with a heavy, hard-hitting introduction and maintains this tempo throughout the majority of the song. the chorus, however, slows down, for a sing-along inducing hook. Without taking too much away from the song itself, this song doesn’t stray far from the style and structure of the two previous songs, which is a bummer as I feel this band wouldn’t have too hard of a time if they experimented with their sound more. ‘What’s Left Of Us’ is an energetic piece which offers quite a lot, it has the same elements of the previous two songs, which is hard-hitting instrumentals, breakdowns, unclean vocals and catchy hooks as well as emotionally driven spoken word, backing vocals. to me, this is a stand out track on the album. ‘Retrograde’ slows the EP down a few notches. This track proves this band isn’t a one-trick pony. With clean vocals being the main focus of the intro, this is a mellow piece which picks up the pace throughout the outro for a breakdown towards the end. 

Patient Sixty-Seven are expected to explode within the metalcore community with this one, the high tempo and style on this release may be consistent but it never goes stale.

Patient Sixty-Seven - Home Truths EP

Patient Sixty-Seven – Home Truths EP tracklisting:

  1. Help Inflicted
  2. Where To From Here
  3. Blackout
  4. What’s Left Of Us
  5. Retrograde
  6. What’s Left Of Us (Reimagined)

Rating 7.5/10
Home Truths EP is out Friday.
Pre-Order it right here
Review by Adam Rice @adamrice1994

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