Hayley Williams – Petals For Armor I (EP Review)

Hayley Williams – Petals For Armor I (EP Review)
Released:   February 7th, 2020



We all know her and we all love her. She’s the absolute powerhouse and colourful character that came into every alternative music lovers lives in 2004 in the shape of Paramore. Yes, I am talking about Hayley Williams. For years she has created pop punk music with the band that we all know and love so much, but this year she decided to branch out on her own. It has been teased for quite some time via Williams’ social media but nothing was ever officially stated until late last year that something was actually going to be coming.

‘Simmer’ was the first offering that was released into the world and I will be honest, this one took me some getting used to. I was a little torn about how I was feeling towards it since it was something so different and I wasn’t a huge fan of the random breathing sounds, but once I had listened to it a few times, I grew to absolutely love it. The lyricism that is behind this song is just unbelievable. There is a certain level of vulnerability that comes with this track that I feel we haven’t ever really seen from Williams’ songwriting skillset before. It is very raw in emotion and anger, which I feel is usually quite hidden in the bands music when they release things.

Not too long after the release of ‘Simmer’ we were treated to another single — ‘Leave It Alone’. This is another song which has a darker tone and vulnerable lyricism, showing that Hayley is definitely producing music that is far different, more personal, and explorative than anything before. It has been spoken about in interviews and on social media that this track addresses things such as a fear of loss, as Williams’ grandmother had a tragic fall which left her with memory loss, creating the feelings that were later channelled into this single.

I can say however, there is no song on this EP that is like another. They are all absolutely worlds apart from each other and it is pure art. ‘Creepin’ gives off vibes of a sound that I would associate with a post apocalyptic concept. It is another way that Hayley shows the level of talent that her vocals are capable of, hitting the lower range that we don’t ever really hear her showcasing. I wish I could explain this song so much better but in all honesty, it blew me away and it was such an unexpected sound that I was left entirely speechless, yet so in love.

‘Sudden Desire’ is a pure punk song but it is sensual, and if I’m honest, this is my favourite from the tracks that were released. It has hints of the punk rock background that we all know and love so much, but with a twist. It is sexy, raw, rock and normally those aren’t three things that you would associate together, but when you do, you get this beautiful song with high notes and vocals that remind you why everyone loves Hayley Williams’ talent. It is a voice that is undeniably a powerhouse.

Finally, we have ‘Cinnamon’. This is a track that is again, far different to any of the others but it’s not my favourite, it is a fun song though with a funk and blues tone to it which is playful and fits the tone of this EP well, rounding it out nicely to get all of us truly excited for what is to come on later releases with Hayley. Petals For Armor I is the EP that is the teaser to the album that will later be released in May and I honestly think that the album itself is going to be a complete 10/10.


Petals For Armor I tracklisting:

  1. Simmer
  2. Leave It Alone
  3. Creepin
  4. Sudden Desire
  5. Cinnamon

Rating: 9/10
Petals For Armor I
is out now through Fueled By Ramen. Purchase here.
Review by Heather McNab (@heathermcnab)

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