Saviour Unveil New Album + Drop Gory New Song/Video ‘Enemies’

When the movie The House of Wax was released, horror movie fans and critics stormed the cinemas to See Paris (Hilton) Die in what was one of the most hilariously well played scened of the entire film… Now, on a personal level, you get to see Make Them Suffer frontman Sean Harmanis live out a similar fate in Saviour‘s brand new music video for ‘Enemies‘ which is just the start of a shitload of great news from the Perth band.

The group have also announced their new album A Lunar Rose will be released on February 28th and we are frothing at the thought of hearing new material already form the band who wowed us back at UNIFY Gathering 2019 (revisit our podcast interview with the band here).

To celebrate the news, we grabbed frontman Bryant Best for a chat all about the song, video, if there was any pleasure in killing off Sean Harmanis and a whole bunch more to get you keen for what’s to come…

The music video for ‘Enemies’ seems like it’s a combination movies like Joker and Clockwork Orange with a dash of Saw too. Where did the concept come from?

Over the years we’ve sorta been on a tear with doing super serious dramatic music videos. As of a couple years ago we kinda decided to steer away from that style of video to keep it fun for us. Even though it probably doesn’t represent the music too closely, putting the music video for ‘Enemies’ together was fun as fuck… well I heard it was anyways. I was on a bit of a bender the night before. I ended up asleep in the next room for pretty much all the narrative filming… Good vibes regardless.

My first impression was as if you are taking revenge on those who criticise Saviour’s music. Was that the idea behind all this?

We’ve definitely had our critics and people who have written us off over the past couple years but this video isn’t directed at them. With this next album being an album we are doing independently, and pretty much marketing ourselves, we thought it would be kinda fun to do a music video about us trying to sell the album.

Hopefully the whole “if you don’t buy this album a clown might kill you” storyline can get a couple extra sales through the door.

The victim in the clip is Sean from Make Them Suffer who was listening to his own song when he was kidnapped. Is this how you envisioned Sean being kidnapped in reality? If not, how did you get him to sign off on that?

Sean’s been a good friend of ours for half a lifetime. Pretty sure the “Sean, wanna be in the video” chat happened over some drunken yarns at an embarrassing hour of the morning back in the day. Actually can’t really remember the chat to be honest. This video was recorded about 8 months ago. It’s ridiculous it’s only just seeing the light of day now.

Is there any hidden meaning behind kidnapping and taunting a fellow musician from Perth?

Nah not all. 100% of Perth musician are straight up legends and deserve nothing but cuddles.


Saviour. Photo by Ruby Boland

This is the third song released from the album, after ‘The City’ and ‘Never Sleep’. Do these three songs give us an indication of what direction you have taken the album

This next album is dynamic and diverse as fuck. I’m super stoked and super proud of it actually. It’s real heavy, real feelsy, and I really do think its the best thing Saviour has done. I just hope people feel it like I do.

After a couple of years of hinting and teasing, we finally have a date for the album. It has been a long process but we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Has all that time, working towards this album helped with the process of creating it?

Yeah, Feb 28th A Lunar Rose finally does its thing. I’d like to say the time we spent waiting for this to be finished and released helped in some way, shape or form. But 100% not at all. This should have been out at least a year ago. The last couple years of getting this album together for us has been frustrating and depressing. We hit every hurdle along the way but I think we’re all stoked the finish line is now in reaching distance.

Interview by Adam Rice @adamrice1994

Pre-Order the album here

Saviour - A Luna Rose

Saviour – A Luna Rose tracklisting

1. Luna
2. Never Sleep
3. Souvenir
4. Enemies
5. Violet
6. Passengers
7. Calendars
8. Rose
9. The City
10. Pixelated

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