Pearl Jam Give Us Their New Song ‘Dance Of The Clairvoyants’

You know, Wednesdays can be hard sometimes. So hopefully a new track from Pearl Jam brightens your day a bit. Off their forthcoming album Gigaton we have a new song called ‘Dance of the Clairvoyants‘, and it’s not quite what we expected. It’s a bit more synth based, but Eddie Vedder’s vocals are unmistakable as always. Waiting for March 27 is just that little bit harder now that we have a glimpse of what’s coming.

More info on Gigaton here, and on their forthcoming release, lead guitarist Mike McCready says:

“Making this record was a long journey… It was emotionally dark and confusing at times, but also an exciting and experimental road map to musical redemption. Collaborating with my bandmates on Gigaton ultimately gave me greater love, awareness and knowledge of the need for human connection in these times.”

Pre-Order Gigaton here

pearl jam

Pearl JamGigaton track listing

  1. Who Ever Said
  2. Superblood Wolfmoon
  3. Dance Of The Clairvoyants
  4. Quick Escape
  5. Alright
  6. Seven O’Clock
  7. Never Destination
  8. Take The Long WAy
  9. Buckly Up
  10. Come Then Goes
  11. Retrograde
  12. River Cross


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