Introducing: Love Me NataLie And Their New Track ‘Heroes’

We have another gem out of Perth and they’re called Love Me NataLie. The band, consisting of Bryan (vocals), James (guitar), Qarin (guitar), Lance (bass) and Samuel (drums) have just released a new single that we’re super excited to share with you. They’re kicking off 2020 strongly with ‘Heroes‘ which, if you like bands like Slaves and Hands Like Houses, you’ll love this one. Think soaring choruses with easy melodies and a touch of heavy.

But hey don’t take our word for it, meet the band and take a listen below.

You guys have a super interesting name, Love Me NataLie, is there a story behind it?

Bryan: Love Me NataLie is meant to be pronounced as “Love Me Not a Lie”. We decided to change “Not a Lie” to”Natalie”  to make it more interesting on where did it came from or who Natalie is.

And how did you all meet and start to make music?

Lance: Bryan and I were looking for members to start a band that time. I posted in a musician group page in Facebook that we are looking for members so we can start a casual jam. James commented on the post that he is interested in joining in to fill the guitar position. I know James from a friend’s band where he plays on that band as well. Sam was a friend of Bryan, who later he asked if he wants to play with us to fill the drummer position. Both Sam and James accepted the positions then we started jamming covers. Another guitarist (Daryl) came on the way to filled in the gaps we have. James started writing an original song which became our very first single called “Tonight Alive”. Daryl left the band and later on replaced by Qarin.

Heroes is your latest single, can you tell us what this song is about?  

Qarin: The song Heroes is about fighting your own demon. Fighting that strong horrific desire.

This is your first release for 2020, is there more to come?

James: Yes! We are currently on the process of song writing which expected to be done soon. Watch out on our Facebook or Instagram page for what’s coming.

You’re one of the many awesome Perth bands, and we always joke that there’s something in the water over there that makes musicians so great. So what is Love Me NataLie’s beverage of choice over in Perth?

Sam:  Jack Daniels.

Interview by Ebony Story

Check out Love Me NataLie on Facebook and Instagram.

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