Ocean Grove Drop Their Grooviest Video Yet… It’s SUNNY!

The lads in Ocean Grove are setting themselves for quite possibly their biggest year yet. Their latest single ‘SUNNY’ has been making the rounds, living up to its “sound of the summer” theme, and now they’ve finally dropped a music video to go with it. Elements of the video are a subtle throwback to the 90’s, the band repping their own merch and one scene almost recreating that well-known album artwork from Nirvana!

On the song itself, the band revealed:

“SUNNY takes the viewer on the ultimate ’trip’ into the warped and hyper reality of the Oddworld where the band pivot between lucid imagination and a dreary reality inside the four walls. We packed in as many references and metaphors as we could, including some that relate directly to our upcoming album ‘Flip Phone Fantasy’ and it’s artwork”

Overall, this video shows the guys having a damn good time and we only have one question to ask them… when’s the album coming?!

Flip Phone Fantasy … coming soon

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