All Time Low Just Dropped A New Song Called ‘Some Kind Of Disaster’

After weeks of mysterious posts all over their social media, All Time Low have finally quit teasin’ and released their brand new single called ‘Some Kind Of Disaster‘.

In a statement the band revealed:

The Young Renegades are no more… Reintroducing your favorite disaster, All Time Low. We took a step away for a minute- did some growing, did some soul searching, some healing… Now we’re back and ready to be all yours again, our battle scars worn proudly, and our hair looking better than ever. (it’s best if you just agree). We’ve missed you all so much and we’re so excited for what comes next. Feels like we’ve been keeping secrets from you for way too long… Been hard to keep our mouths shut, honestly. It’s a song and dance we’ve done a thousand times before, but this one feels extra-good. Besides, it’s never the same dance twice. Hope you dig this new song as much as we do… After all, it’s all for you.

The song is a pop-punk fans wet dream as the boys hone in on the sound and style that kicked off their careers way back in the day with frontman Alex Gaskarth‘s vocals sounding so on point it’ll certainly get even the oldest of fans moist in anticipation!

Here’s hoping this is the first from a new album, as the band have not released a full-length since 2017’s Last Young Renegade however at the start of the month they signalled that era had ended after a video popped up with panda mascot burning merch in a barrel from that album’s cycle.

Get keen on the next era of All Time Low!

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