Birds Of Tokyo Return With Ballad/Love Song ‘Two Of Us’

Ok, you should all know I’m a sucker for a ballad these days and if you throw the word love in there, then, well, I’m a swooning sucker with a smile on his face and today Birds of Tokyo have tugged on the heartstrings with their latest offering ‘Two of Us‘ which steps up the feels compared to their previous release heartbreaking banger ‘Good Lord

On the new song, frontman Ian Kenny says:

“‘Two Of Us’ is a homage to love. The one you love. I thought I had lost love and would never find it again, never thought I’d be ready again. I spent a couple of years rebuilding my head, heart and soul – then an old friend came back into my life and we both found love again, there and then. We found something we had both been missing for so long. Sometimes everything you need has been there all along – it’s just the universe can take you on a detour to get there. In the end it’s all worth it.”

Cue the nawwws in 3-2-1…. NAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

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