Pressure Cracks – This Is Called Survival (EP Review)

Pressure Cracks – This Is Called Survival EP
Released: January 10th, 2020

Pressure Cracks are:

Jason Aalon Butler // Vocals
Dan Bieranowski // Guitar
Kevin Fifield // Guitar
Ryan Doria // Bass
Bill Galvin // Drums



Jason Aalon Butler is one of heavy music’s busiest madmen and he’s back at it again with his Fever 333 side-project and goddamn this is gonna make heads (and legs) spin when you hear the latest offering from So-Cal hardcore outfit Pressure Cracks! To fill you in quickly, the band released their debut self-titled EP in 2019 (our review here) and have slowly, but surely, made a name for themselves within the hardcore community with Jason screaming his way into the lives of fans who appreciated some of his more heavier tunes from his letlive. days! Now they’re back with EP #2 and here’s my thoughts…

pressure cracks 2020

This Is Called Survival opens with the fast-paced ‘Like Father Like None‘ which comes with the informative disclaimer of:

Ninety-five percent of offenders who will be released from prison after serving their sentences/Incarcerated for things like theft/Drug possession/And property theft/And the sixty-seven percent who will return back to prison/For a new crime/Within three years/A cycle known as recidivism/Fifty-three percent of offenders are considered nonviolent

…before erupting with Butler’s now-iconic screams and action packed backing sound from the rest of the band. Already, this track alone is a massive step forward compared to Pressure Cracks‘ last release and holy shit, if you love your heavy music, you’re gonna lose it over this fucking one! There’s plenty of chuggy breakdown moments, group chants and vibes that’ll make even the biggest critic nod their head in appreciation. With Jason writing the songs for this band, you can tell he’s incorporating issues close to his heart (similar to what he’s doing with Fever 333) but surrounding them with fast and furious instrumentals so they pack more punch. ‘Ready for You‘ momentarily slows things down a notch for its opening which soon after slaps you across the face with such an incredible force, I can’t help but think this would go fucking off at a small venue/club show. Guitarists Dan Bieranowski and Kevin Fifield are in fine form bouncing off each other with a precision and technique that’s just so heavy and welcomed.

Shhh‘ may only be 2:32 in length, but what it lacks in longevity, it makes up for with face-melting riffs and guttural screams. This is the fucking circle pit inducing song that’ll have all of you hardcore kids running circles for its entirety. I get some early Every Time I Die vibes from it as well so if you’ve been frothing ETID since the Hot Damn! era, you may just get a little moist cranking this! Wrapping up the four tracks is ‘Big T Youth‘, which is a no holds barred assault on the senses that relentlessly keeps the listener engaged and nodding along from start to finish. Bill Galvin‘s drums along like the energizer bunny after snorting a few fat lines and doesn’t skip a beat from start to end. Arguably the best track on the EP, when it fades out, you’ll find it hard to not hit replay and give it a few more spins, especially after finding out Cameron Miller of Seizures does guest vocals on it.

The Pressure Cracks lads have absolutely upped the ante and proved they’re more than just another so-cal hardcore outfit you’ll forget over time. The band are taking this seriously and frontman Jason Aalon Buter seems to shine with his heavier screams compared to his main band Fever 333. If you prefer his heavier screams and earlier material, I have no doubt in my mind you’ll absolutely froth over this band and everything they stand for. Pressure Cracks are going to be the next best thing in the hardcore scene.

pressure cracks - this is survival ep

Pressure Cracks – This Is Called Survival EP tracklisting

1. Like Father Like None
2. Ready for You
3. Shhh
4. Big T Youth feat. Cameron Miller

Rating: 7.5/10
This Is Called Survival is Out Now. Grab a copy here
Review by Browny @brownypaul

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    Very much agree. Love everything these guys do! Hope to half the drummer Bill is someday

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