Simple Plan Celebrate The End of the Decade in ‘Where I Belong’ Music Video

Canadian pop punk outfit Simple Plan have had a massive year. They’ve played music festivals on all corners of the world (including Australia’s Good Things Festival just this month!), and released their first taste of new music in 3 years with their single, ‘Where I Belong’ (featuring State Champs and We The Kings). To celebrate the launch of their latest single back in October, the guys grabbed State Champs and We The Kings, and together did a short stint of the US. While the rest of the world sadly didn’t get to catch this run, they’ve given us a snapshot of the fun and action and compiled it all into a music video for us, just in time for Christmas!

The video is non-stop fastpaced action, perfectly encapsulating the overall theme of finding your place in the world, or at a Simple Plan show. Featuring  all three vocalists, Pierre Bouvier, Derek DiScanio and Travis Clark, it’s exciting as fuck, and leaves you with so much anticipation for the new record (which will be out in 2020, fuck yeah)! The band have been known to drop fast-paced action videos from their shows (‘I’d Do Anything’ and ‘Opinion Overload’), so ‘Where I Belong’ fits right into the family. To me, it’s the best video to celebrate the end of the year/decade.

Want to know more about what we’ll expect next year from Simple Plan? Revisit our chat with Jeff Stinco and Chuck Comeau on our ‘Good People Doing Good Things’ Podcast Special here


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