Jaz Coleman Turns Killing Joke Orchestral

They’re fresh off the tour circuit supporting Tool on their major North American tour, and something that maybe not all Killing Joke fans know of is that their iconic frontman, Jaz Coleman, has released an orchestral album. You heard right, he’s actually a classical composer as well, and for his most recent album Magna Invocatio, well, some of the songs may sound familiar.

Recorded with Russia’s oldest orchestra, the St Petersburg Philharmonic, this stirring body of work taps into the more melodic, uplifting aspects of the Killing Joke musical canon. It uses Coleman’s ongoing journey with this hugely influential UK outfit as the consummate vehicle for a Gnostic mass (a ritualised celebration of the mysteries of existence).

Basically, all those great Killing Joke songs you know and love have been transformed into beautiful orchestral pieces. Is this heaven?

“I wanted to revisit not just a succession of epiphanies that transformed my own life,” explains Coleman, “but also to portray some of the more hidden or occulted milestones of the human race that have captured my imagination for some four decades. So I specifically chose an unusual combination of sacred texts that I discovered at different stages throughout my life. The only possible connection between them was that they had the immediate effect of inflaming and lifting my spirits to another level. They are, to coin a phrase, Words of Power!”

Whether you’re keen on classical music or not, if you like Killing Joke you should hear this album. It’s a masterpiece.

Grab your copy here

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Magna Invocatio – a Gnostic mass for choir and orchestra inspired by the sublime music of Killing Joke track listing:

1. Absolute Descent Of Light
2. The Raven King
3. Intravenous
4. You’ll Never Get To Me
5. Absent Friends
6. Invocation
7. In Cythera
8. Big Buzz
9. Adorations
10. Into The Unknown
11. Euphoria
12. Honour The Fire
13. Magna Invocatio (Gloria)




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