So There’s A New Five Finger Death Punch Song Out…

Ok, so admittedly, I’m not the biggest FFDP fan, but apparently they have enough fans out there to silence what I think and they’re also big enough in the states to have Megadeth supporting them… yep, you read that right and so now I feel like I have to talk about their new song because, well, I don’t know what’s going on with the world anymore…

Their new offering is called ‘Inside Out‘ and it’s like that last Nickelback album where they went proggy/metal… It’s good, but it’s still a Nickelback song! What makes it worse funnier is their new album that’s coming out on February 28th is called F8. No word of a lie. F8 aka Fate!

So grab your Unit hat, smash down a Monster Energy drink, punch some drywall and get on your dirt bike and cruise about thrashing this brand new Five Finger Death Punch track…

Don’t be L8, Pre-Order F8 right here M8


Five Finger Death PunchF8 tracklisting

1. F8 (1:15)
2. Inside Out (3:46) [EXPLICIT]
3. Full Circle (3:22) [EXPLICIT]
4. Living The Dream (3:34) [EXPLICIT]
5. A Little Bit Off (3:10) [EXPLICIT]
6. Bottom Of The Top (3:30) [EXPLICIT]
7. To Be Alone (3:45)
8. Mother May I (Tic Toc) (3:54) [EXPLICIT]
9. Darkness Settles In (4:41) [EXPLICIT]
10. This Is War (3:11) [EXPLICIT]
11. Leave It All Behind (3:30) [EXPLICIT]
12. Scar Tissue (2:53) [EXPLICIT]
13. Brighter Side Of Grey (4:29)
14. Making Monsters (BONUS) (3:03) [EXPLICIT]
15. Death Punch Therapy (BONUS) (3:08) [EXPLICIT]
16. Inside Out (Radio Edit) (BONUS) (4:13) [EXPLICIT] 

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