Nautical Mile – Gig Review 1st December @ Crowbar Brisbane, QLD

Nautical Mile
1st December, 2019
Crowbar Brisbane, QLD
Supports: Bligh, Halfwait & Grizzlyshark

Perth pop punk act Nautical Mile made the massive trek from the west coast of Australia last week, which saw them play shows up and down the east coast. Sunday night saw these guys finish up their The Only Way Is Through tour in Brisbane and, for a school (work) night, it still turned out to be a pretty good time!

Brisbane pop punk band Grizzlyshark started the night off with a bang with their punchy, easycore tracks, throwing it back to the good ol’ Chunk! No Captain Chunk! and City Lights days. These guys even threw in a Four Year Strong cover, which only won me over even more. Will definitely be paying closer attention to Grizzlyshark next year when they release their brand new single, that’s for sure!

Next up was Sydney punk trio Halfwait, who were an exciting bunch to witness live. By far, the most punk on the lineup, I feel like they brought the skate punk to Crowbar that evening. Think early blink-182 and fuse that with some MxPx, and that’s what I caught from this talented trio. With Halfwait at the punk end of the spectrum, Bligh however, were at the other end, bringing with them a completely new vibe to the night. Bligh are a young pop band from the Gold Coast, who brought the jazz synth-pop to the evening. Lead vocalist Elliott Baylis is an undeniable talent and at times throughout the set, reminded me a little of Set It Off frontman Cody Carson.

The Nautical Mile boys finally took their turn on the Crowbar stage, beginning with their latest and catchiest song ever, ‘Wake Up’. That flowed straight into ‘Bad Influence’ as well as few more tracks from their debut album, including the cheeky All Time Low-fuelled ‘Spin the Bottle’. While Nautical Mile have an impressive as fuck collection of songs, which fit perfectly with the heavyweights of the genre, frontman Brodi Owen took five minutes of the night to dedicate ballad ‘The Only Way Is Through’ to his sister who passed away earlier this year. This song is a testament to the band and their ability to pen some emotional, heartfelt lyrics while also pushing out some heavy as fuck riffs like their idols, A Day To Remember.

While we won’t put the fact that they’re from Perth against them, Nautical Mile are a band you need to go check out for yourself live. They’ve delivered and released one of the better pop punk albums this year, and their songs are even better enjoyed in a live setting. Definitely pay more attention to Nautical Mile in 2020, as I have a good feeling we’ll be seeing more of these guys.

Gig Review by Tamara May (@citylightsTAM)

Set List

Wake Up
Bad Influence
Better Half Of Me
Flight Risk
Spin the Bottle
The Only Way Is Through
A Life Worth Dying For



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