Blindspot – Final Allure (Album Review)

Blindspot – Final Allure
Released: 22nd November 2019

Line Up:

Ben ‘Swainy’ Swain // vocals, guitar
Aaron ‘Az’ Graham // vocals, bass
Mark ’Greggo’ Gregson // guitar
Steve ‘Sixxo’ McCormack // drums



Perth’s Blindspot are a staple of the local punk scene; a drunken, fun, banter filled staple, in which the fans know a Blindspot performance is going to lead to laughs, frivolity and good times. After the 2013 release of their debut Drink and Laugh, and subsequent EP releases, the boys have signed to PEE Records and are about to release Final Allure, an album that very much encapsulates singer’s Ben Swain’s marriage break up and the ensuing mess, fun and feelings.

Opening with ‘Gas Lit Manthem’, a song that has been getting some play on Triple J’s, the album opens with a memorable hook and an insistent drum beat, courtesy of Steve McCormack. It is a fine opening track that shows the musical maturity the band have undergone since the more simplistic Drink and Laugh. ‘Heart Half Full’ continues the upbeat skater punk tone set by ‘Gas Lit Manthem’, with its heart on its sleeve, about moving on from previously mentioned said break up.

With an opening guitar riff reminiscent of, many 90’s skate punk bands, ‘Zuckerpunch’ takes a swipe at our collective chosen ignorance of privacy laws by global companies. It’s bristling momentum underlies the social message of the song- Facebook is bad, but we don’t care? ‘Dark and Stormy’ takes it down a notch, with its atmospheric opening; its soft drumming and gentle guitar riff and Aaron Graham and Ben Swain sharing vocal duties, before the song kicks it up again, for the chorus.

‘The Right Swipe’ begins with a jaunty, cheerful tune, which reflects the sense of hope and promise when one starts to date again, after a breakup. It is the most pop infused song on the album and the video clip is worth checking out, because it is freaking hilarious! Drinking beer and chanting is synonymous with punk rock and ‘All Fall Down’ perfectly encapsulates those moments; with the band taking the piss out of themselves. If you love Blindspot’s older stuff, this is like that, with an added groovy guitar riff before the coda.

Taking on the more serious topic of depression, ‘Thanks For Asking’ explores the issue through an untraditional lens. It’s catchy and darkly humorous. ‘Middle Class’ opens to a drum beat one would find on a Me First and The Gimme Gimmes track, before heading into heavier punk rock territory, with its rolling drum beats and slightly fuzzy guitar work. While ‘Cellophane’ is the TV show Dexter as a punk song; disturbing, with its moments of quiet brilliance and moments of bizarre- weirdness and is literally about wrapping someone in cellophane. The final track ‘Wanker’ is a crowd pleaser, with its simple yet effective message “Don’t be a wanker/ You’re mates will thank ya.”

As a collection of songs Final Allure is musically and lyrically more sophisticated and mature compared to Drink and Laugh, yet still includes that cheeky larrikin charm that have made Blindspot so popular in the Perth scene. If you’re looking for an Aussie band to get behind and you like your punk influenced by the 90’s scene, with more than a dollop of tongue in cheek humour, get on board the Blindspot train.


Blindspot – Final Allure tracklisting:

  1. Gas Lit Manthem
  2. Heart Half Full
  3. Zuckerpunch
  4. Dark and Stormy
  5. The Right Swipe
  6. All Fall Down
  7. Thanks For Asking
  8. Middle Class
  9. Cellophane
  10. Wanker

Rating: 8/10
Final Allure is out November 22nd via PEE Records Pre-order here
Review by Carys Hurcom @CarysWos

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