Ice Nine Kills Vocalist Spencer Charnas Reflects On The Late Horror Icon Wes Craven

“What’s Your Favourite Scary Movie?”

Those who live and breath for horror/thriller movies know that iconic line from one of the best and most recognisable slasher flicks of all time, Scream, a movie which inspired Ice Nine Kills to write a song all about it titled ‘Your Number’s Up‘ which features plenty of throwbacks to Wes Craven flick, including the BEST breakdown callout line of “All bets are off, I just buried Drew Barrymore” which refers to the movie’s infamous opening scene where the (at the time) rising Hollywood sweetheart was killed off within minutes of the movie starting.

On this week’s Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall, frontman Spencer Charnas joined podcast host (and fellow horror/slasher flick fanatic) Browny to talk about the song’s creation and the inspirational director behind it, who sadly passed away on August 30,  2015, after battling brain cancer.

When quizzed about what Wes Craven meant to him and how he inspired him to become the musician he is today, Spencer revealed:

“He’s always been a huge influence to me, not just as far as a visual storyteller, but also the story surrounding how [A] Nightmare on Elm Street became what it was. [It] always sort of mirrored my experience in the sense of not giving up with my dream (no pun intended there)… The fact that he was turned down at every turn and didn’t give up when people said he was crazy, sort of mirrored the way I look at my career and not giving up in the face of adversity.”

wes craven ghostface

Wes Craven and Ghostface on the Scream 4 set

Luckily for Spencer, he got to meet the man and legend that was before he passed away and managed to tell him what he thought of his movies and career:

“I was fortunate enough to meet him before his untimely passing and I got to tell him how fantastic I thought his work was and I still [have] one of my most prized possessions is my signed Wes Craven Ghostface mask”

“With Wes Craven, creating one horror icon that people know all over the world is one in a billion, so the fact that he was able to do that twice with Freddy Krueger and Nightmare on Elm Street and then again in the next decade with Scream and Ghostface, I think is a real testament to his artistic vision” – Spencer Charnas on the late Wes Craven

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