Trivium’s Matt Heafy Discusses Raising His Twins To Listen To Heavy Music

It’s always great seeing musicians open up their lives to fans and one bloke who is doing a great job of it is Trivium frontman Matt Heafy who celebrated one year of being a dad to twins yesterday alongside his wife Ashley Heafy. But, what’s even better to know is that the doting parents are raising their kids, daughter Mia and son Akira to listen to heavy music and it started on the day they left the hospital as Matt told Browny during this week’s Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall podcast, revealing:

“[When] we were leaving the hospital I already had the new Architects record [Holy Hell] on. They’re already listening to heavy music… I’m a full time band guy, full time Dad but also full time streamer… what I stream primarily is music, so it’s me staying in shape for tour and it’s just me singing, screaming and playing guitar all day and they hear it and come into the room… I found Akira’s been actually copying my vocal cool down noises… it’s pretty fun”

He also revealed that heavy music was something that his father raised him on too, so it was only a matter of time before he passed on that ideology to his kids:

“He would always have like Boston, Van Valen, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Queen play, so that good influence got me into it [heavy music]; but we’ll have super heavy music on in the car while we’re driving, my wife and I [said] we are not playing these mindless baby music for these kids. We’ll show them stuff that’s easy to digest here and there but also heavy stuff and it’s all about exposing people to good music”.

“If they don’t like it as they’re adults, sure, we’re all about them making their [own] decisions, but I’m at least going to show them what they can like and what I think is great” – Matt Heafy on rasing his twins on heavy music

Just when you thought this guy couldn’t get any better… boom father of the year material right here! Turns out he’s also a big fan of our very own Thy Art Is Murder‘s latest album Human Target, so chances are you’ll catch him side stage during their set:

“We’re playing with one of my favourite bands in the world on Good Things; Thy Art Is Murder… Man, the newest Thy Art [album] is one of these things that I have to listen to before I do jujitsu”

Be right back, just googling if there’s an age limit on being adopted…

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