Scene And Heard – Festival Review & Photo Gallery 10th November @ Wickham Park, Newcastle NSW

Scene and Heard
Wickham Park, Newcastle NSW
November 10th, 2019
Featuring: Wolfmother, The Dandy Warhols, Eskimo Joe, Alex Lloyd, Jebediah, Magic Dirt and Even

We ventured out in the boiling hot sun over the weekend in Newcastle to catch a plethora of Australian’s alternative icons hit the stage at Scene and Heard which resulted in a spot of heatstroke, good times and nostalgia overload.

After an entire day in the sun, walking around and shooting all the amazing acts on the bill, I was majorly sunburnt and still paying for it now. Scene And Heard brought out a whole mix of different people who were able to come together and listen to some good music from all different genres and generations! Until next time Newy!!

Festival Review & Photo Gallery by Corey Nathan. Insta: @CoreyNathanPhoto
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“Bit fucking hot isn’t it?” Good opening line before introducing yourselves I guess. Even ripped it up as the opener for what was to be a fairly hot but well worth it festival. If you wanted to see some classic pub rock music on the big stage you came to the right place. They closed out the set with “An unfinished song that has been unfinished since 1998” but it did go for quite a while.

Magic Dirt

Talk about an explosive opening! Vocalist/Guitarist Adalita welcomed the crowd with open arms (almost quite literally, you’ll know in a sec) and kicked the stage energy into 5th gear. After claiming to have come back from a decent break as a performing band, Magic Dirt were nothing short of amazing to watch and listen to. Almost the entirety of the crowd sung along when the band played the popular track ‘Plastic Loveless Letter’. The band then proceeded to invite a large number of people on stage to join in on the energy and dance around, Adalita calling it the “Magic Dirt Dance”. This was something I definitely wasn’t expecting, especially being only the second band of the day!


Classic all out Aussie rock on the big stage is almost unbeatable. Bass player Vanessa Thornton channelling her inner 80’s punk with her very short sleeve shirt and bleach blonde Mohawk/Mullet combination. Singer Kevin Mitchell was drinking wine straight from the bottle throughout the set, hey, you’ve gotta stay hydrated somehow right? Performing crowd favourite ‘She’s Like A Comet’ was definitely the highlight of the set.

Alex Lloyd

Big man with a big voice to back it up! The singer was accompanied by a 6 piece rock band celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the beloved album Black The Sun. Very chilled out rock tunes seemed to have drawn in the older BOOMER crowd… It’s like they all came out of nowhere for Lloyds set. Alex and the band’s live performance was amaaaaaazzzing, you know, like the song!

Eskimo Joe

Walked out to the stage to Aerosmith‘s ‘Walk This Way’ and opened with ‘Sarah’ instantly had the crowd buzzing and singing along. Eskimo Joe even took it all the way back to their first album Girl and that’s when the hardcore fans arose and took over the crowd with their screaming. Of course, they would’ve had to play the all time classic ‘Black Fingernails, Red Wine’ leaving people wanting more and more!

The Dandy Warhols

The band played for about 60 seconds and the stage power went out. Singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor commanded massive amounts of energy to rock. Guitarist Pete struggled to get his guitar working after the power outage but we didn’t have to wait long before they got right into it. The entire set really dragged for me, I even had die-hard fans say they weren’t really enjoying the band this time around, maybe they just had an off night? Eventually, they had big crowd participation during their popular song ‘Bohemian Like You


Lights and smoke dominated the stage as the three piece rock outfit entered the stage with a fair dinkum Rock’n’Roll entrance. The long-awaited performance by the band was absolutely incredible. Frontman Andrew Stockdale’s voice is honestly one of the best live voices I’ve heard, he’s so unique. There was a tonne of energy closing out the night of Scene And Heard when Wolfmother performed the all-time classics ‘New Moon Rising’, ‘Woman’, and of course ’The Joker And The Thief’ which when the opening riff played out, the crowd lost it! These guys are truly something else and they were a perfect choice to end the festival with.

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