Bring Me The Horizon Unveil ‘Ludens’ From The Death Stranding Soundtrack

Not even a year after the release of their genre-crossing masterpiece amo, Bring Me The Horizon have released a brand-spankin’ new song for fans of the Death Stranding video game. The song, titled ‘Ludens‘ comes from the game’s soundtrack Death Stranding: Timefall, you may recall, the game featured The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus in the main protagonist’s role and directorial moments from the legendary Guillermo del Toro.

Now, I personally haven’t played the pre-release beta version, but have heard from many keen gamers/reviewers how good it was for its storyline and gameplay and having a listen to the song which kinda/sorta sounds like an off-cut from amo, but with more of a heavier EDM backing sound which EXPLODES towards the song’s third section, complete with screams/growls from frontman Oli Sykes and a kinda/sorta bass drop/dub-step/metal breakdown, it kinda makes me want to grab a copy.

I have a feeling if the band released more songs like this on their last album, it would have shut up their biggest critics, but as a standalone, this song fucking rules.

On the collaboration, Oli says:

“Death Stranding is a game I’ve been waiting for long before collaborating with them was on the table. Kojima-san is one of the few people I would call a hero to me, so making a track for his first game since Konami was equal parts daunting, stressful & exciting… the whole thing felt surreal, and not right.. to be honest I didn’t see where a Bring Me The Horizon song was going to fit into an art house AAA game but I was stupid to try and pigeonhole Kojima’s style!” 

Listen to ‘Ludenshere


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