Osaka Punch – Gig Review 1st November @ The Zoo, Brisbane QLD

Osaka Punch
The Zoo, Brisbane QLD
November 1st, 2019
Supports: LeSuits, Weightless In Orbit, Patient Lounge

Over winter it’s possible to almost forget how bloody hot it can get inside The Zoo, but oh boy did it get steamy with a sold out Osaka Punch show. Celebrating the release of their newest single ‘Drones’ the Brisbane fellas really put together a knock out show. I mean, you always know you’re in for a good night with Osaka Punch, but the support bands certainly did not disappoint either.

Patient Lounge kicked things off as people walked up the stairs and drifted towards the stage. With vocals that screamed classic rock and exciting melodies, these guys took their opening slot and gave the crowd a good taste of their sound and what was to come. But Weightless In Orbit were another beast entirely. They’re post/prog metal, and definitely jazz infused, this band was captivating. With two guitars and no bass, their soundscapes were clear and crisp, punctuated by drums and layered with keys. Their instrumental segments took you on a journey and although Brandon Mamata’s mid-range screams didn’t add any audible lyrical content, they did bring the heavy.

Weightless In Orbit raised the bar, but LeSuits just broke it in half. There’s not an easy way to describe this band; if you haven’t ever seen them live you just won’t quite get it. So, to quote the band themselves We’re like a happy Slipknot, only crunchy!’ and my personal favourite: ‘Imagine manically lurching your body to the sound of eight people jamming with Jack Black, Toto, Zappa, Karnivool, Mr. Bungle and just a hint of Earth Wind and Fire and, wrap that feeling in a burrito, add some extra cheese and BAM, you’ve got LeSuits oozing down your shirt.’

Got it? Maybe? Ok, think about eight people crammed onto a stage, almost half of them with a brass instrument, then there’s the drum kit, keys and a couple of guitars. They’re like a rock infused orchestra that actually gets people dancing. And I mean dancing through the whole venue – it didn’t matter if you were by the bar or in the pit, there was grooving everywhere. Punters could’ve gone home happy after that set, but we still had Osaka Punch to go!

And oh yes, bringing the entire night to a close after three impressive bands, Osaka Punch brought their classic charisma and brutal pop. Walking on to ‘We Built This City’ by Starship and opening their set with ‘Hall Of ShameThe Zoo immediately packed out. There’s just something about the way vocalist Jack Muzak moves on stage and draws the audience closer, it’s effortless and his vocals are so expressive and comedic at points. He’s a frontman that you’ll watch for the entire set.

The heat rose and so did the energy levels of the band and crowd; there was dancing, there was singing, fist pumping, and drinks swaying in the air. And somewhere in the middle of all that we heard Osaka Punch’s new single ‘Drones’ live officially! It takes more influences from rock and metal than pop and groove like a lot of their other tracks, and it came across really well. Nearing the end of their set the classic egg shaker was brought out and used lavishly during ‘Eat Red Carpet’, and what a chorus that song has – ugh, so good.

Osaka Punch is one of those bands that either you’ve heard about and never seen, or one that you’ve seen multiple times and keep going back for more. There’s no in-between and with this show they just poured a little more cement around the foundations of their fans’ love for them and their music. The ‘Drones’ single launch was of course, a very fun and wild success.

Review by Ebony Story

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