Michael Gira – SWANS (Audio Interview)

We had the pleasure of talking with Michael Gira, mastermind of SWANS; New York’s infamous ‘loudest band in the world’ turned gothic/post-rock/experimental outfit. After their break up in 1997 and reformation in 2010 to unexpected critical acclaim, Gira has decided again to dissolve the band in favour of a revolving door of hand-picked musicians.

For the ill-informed, SWANS first album since the lineup change, Leaving Meaning, dropped on October 25th (our review here). Have a listen to us talk about the future of the band as an ensemble, Michael’s thoughts on Nicolas Winding Refn, piracy in 2019, the philosophy behind Leaving Meaning, and what future remasters Young God Records have in store.

Interview by Elliott Nunn (@alphaalpacapack)


Leaving Meaning is out NOW, Grab a copy here


SWANS – Leaving Meaning tracklisting:

1. Hums
2. Annaline
3. The Hanging Man
4. Amnesia
5. Leaving Meaning
6. Sunfucker
7. Cathedrals of Heaven
8. The Nub
9. It’s Coming It’s Real
10. Some New Things
11. What is This?
12. My Phantom Limb