Beartooth Surprise Dropped A Disease (Deluxe Edition) With Two New Songs!

Those sneaky fuckers at Beartooth and UNFD camps (said with love mind you) have kept a pretty big secret from us all which finally saw the light of day overnight: a deluxe edition of Disease which features two new songs and the two songs from the band’s Record Store Day B-Sides vinyl release.

First off is ‘Young‘ which is a loud, riff-filled belter of a song that showcases Tooth’s rock & roll side. We know that frontman/everythingist Caleb Shomo loves his AC/DC and is a sucker for a rock song, that’s evident in this one which should have you yelling along once you learn the lyrics

The next track is ‘Threat to Society‘ which despite also being very rock-influenced, has a far more familiar Beartooth sound behind it. Caleb’s singing is on point, it’s catchy and in no time will have you singing along too.

I reckon the first song ‘Young‘ is the stronger release of the two, by that’s just my opinion. If you froth over live tracks, there’s also versions of ‘You Never Know‘ and ‘Bad Listener‘ recorded at their Rock am Ring appearance earlier in the year.

It’s a great day for Beartooooooth fans!

Give it a spin on Spotify here
I’ll add the other links once they come out!

beartooth - disease deluxe edition

Beartooth – Disease Deluxe Edition tracklisting

1. Greatness Or Death
2. Disease
3. Fire
4. You Never Know
5. Bad Listener
6. Afterall
7. Manipulation
8. Enemy
9. Believe
10. Infection
11. Used And Abused
12. Clever
13. Messed Up
14. Takeover
15. Young
16. Threat to Society
17. You Never Know – Live from Rock am Ring
18. Bad Listener – Live from Rock am Ring

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