Newcastle’s Kotara High Are Trying To Get KISS To Visit Their School

I wish my school attempted something like this back in my day… But Kotara High School in Newcastle have launched an online campaign to try and get KISS to visit them while they’re in town for their V8 Supercars performance during their End of the Road Australian Tour.

The students (and faculty) have teamed up with a video they’ve created which they’re hoping catches the attention of the make-up wearing madmen ahead of their final Australian Tour next month and you know what, we’re digging the initiative.

According to Principal (and Wall of Sound‘s resident metalhead writer) Mark Snedden, they’re all keeping their fingers, toes and eyes crossed the band will stop in as he told us:

The band are playing at the V8 Supercars on the weekend of the 22nd of November in Newcastle, and the students/faculty are requesting that they come to the school during their time in town to say hello. They are asking that the community, and beyond, share the video in the hope that it will reach the band and convince them to come and see their fantastic school.

The video features staff, groundsmen and students decking themselves out in the iconic KISS makeup, putting on a performance playing their songs and even featuring staff talking about their earliest memories of the band.

It’s definitely worth a mention and a helping hand so jump in and help the gang out!

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