Valentino ‘Tino’ Arteaga – Of Mice & Men ‘Harder, Faster, Heavier & More Melodic Than Ever!’

Metalcore legends Of Mice & Men released their latest album Earthandsky late September and it’s really hit home with their fans (our review here). We caught up with drummer Tino to talk about their new release and to find out if a possible return to Australian shores was on the cards sometime soon…

Tino! Congrats on the release of your sixth album! How are you feeling about it?

So excited and happy EARTHANDSKY is finally out there! Seems like it’s really resonating with our audience and I don’t think we could ask for any more!

Our EARTHANDSKY reviewer said this is a perfect representation of old and new OM&M, is that what you were going for with this album?

Absolutely! Of Mice & Men has been a band for 10 years and with this album we really set out to push the boundaries of our sound and take what people already love about OM&M and amplify it to infinity.

As one of the only two original members of the band, you’ve witnessed the dynamics and musical progression since the beginning. How does EARTHANDSKY progress into new territory in your eyes?

We took a big reflective look on the past 10 years of the band and knew that we had to take all of our favorite elements of Of Mice & Men’s sound and really raise the bar and take it to the next level. Do it harder, faster, heavier, more melodic than ever!

It seems as if you guys are picking up the pace with album releases. Defy was out in 2018, now EARTHANDSKY this year, how did this album come together so quickly?

We’re a band that is always writing music and shortly after Defy was released we really wanted to continue down the path of releasing new music. So we got in the studio with Josh Wilbur and he helped us compile an album of bangers.

So should we already be on the lookout for a 2020 album? (Ha just kidding)

You can rest assured that we’re already working on new music, and who knows if it’ll be an album or what…but we love creating so it’s a great possibility that 2020 will continue on the path of music!

We’ve had the album in our ears for just about a couple of weeks now, is there a song fans are loving perhaps more than you expected?

I love seeing the song ‘The Mountain’ connecting with so many people. 

Tell us about your favourite song off the album. Maybe it was a tricky one to put together that you’re super satisfied with now, or just one that means a lot to you. 

I’d have to say ‘The Mountain’ again because it’s a really powerful song lyrically and sonically. It has such an important message of investing too much into a person’s monolithic version of themselves and how destructive it can be to their mind state. Also it’s heavy as!!

And lastly, when can Aussies see you live again?

We’re definitely looking to come back next year and we’re in the works on solidifying either festivals or headlining shows, so be on the lookout for more OF MICE & MEN!

Interview by Ebony Story

Grab your copy of EARTHANDSKY here.

of mice and men earth and sky

Of Mice & Men – Earthandsky tracklisting

1. Gravedancer
2. As We Suffocate
3. Taste Of Regret
4. Mushroom Cloud
5. Pieces
6. Deceiver/Deceived
7. Earth & Sky
8. The Mountain
9. Meltdown
10. Linger
11. How To Survive



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