This Jared Dines Story Will Remind You How GOOD The Heavy Music Community Is!

For those who don’t know this guy, first of all, you need to check out his YouTube channel where Jared Dines first made waves online for his incredible guitar skills and hilarious videos including his infamous 18-string guitar, which this story centres itself around…

From there he managed to score the opportunity to fill in for Matt Heafy of Trivium last year when his twins were born and just prove that he’s an all-round good guy, something that’s hard to find in this music industry, in this day and age.

Well, recently he announced he wanted to sell his 18-string guitar to raise money for kids to receive instruments over the Christmas period (therefore setting them up for the future in the process) and unfortunately, the winning bidder (who spent $16,000) pulled out, saying he was drunk and shouldn’t have been bidding on it (dick move) so Jared was left with a big dilemma of trying to do something good, but having it all fall apart at the end of it.

But, a Christmas miracle popped it’s head up with members of the heavy music community banding together to come to the rescue…

First of all Philip Kaplan from DistroKid (a digital distribution site) offered to pay for the guitar and upped the winning bid to $20,000, which definitely puts him on our Christmas Card list this year. Then the likes of Ernie Ball, Steve Terreberry and RODE more offered to contribute their products to the cause to make the whole situation bigger than anticipated and the best part is, everyone else can get involved too.

So now there’s a way for fans to take part in a sweepstake to score prizes, there’s both free and paid for entries BUT also, there’s a simple donation page and the best part is ALL OF THE PROCEEDS GO TO THE CAUSE. Jared will not be making or taking anything, any money raised will go towards getting kids instruments who may not have been able to afford them before.

Now THAT’s how you turn a negative into a big positive and prove the heavy music community are some of the best people you’ll come across when it comes to helping others.

To get involved:

Head HERE for the Sweepstakes
or Head HERE for the Donation page

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