Cancer Bats – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 16th October @ Stay Gold, Melbourne VIC

Cancer Bats ‘The Spark That Moves’ Australian Tour 2019
Stay Gold, Melbourne VIC
October 16th 2019
Supports: Totally Unicorn, Diploid and Something Something Explosion

I started today with ringing ears, a hangover and a lump on my head. Cheers Cancer Bats and Totally Unicorn.

Something Something Explosion kicked off the proceedings at Stay Gold. The three piece (who’s 2018 EP Propaganda Machine was co-produced by Cancer Bats’ Scott Middleton) smashed out a great set of fast, raw punk rock. Something Something Explosion are fast, fun and loud if you’re going to be heading to Unify in a few months, definitely see them.

Next up things took a bit of a darker turn with Diploid. Easily one of the best acts in Melbourne, Diploid were ferocious and deafening. Like every time I see Diploid I’m left with two questions: 1) How bloody good are Diploid! 2) How have they not blown up?

Totally Unicorn took to the stage (and floor) led by Drew Gardener in his signature tye-dyed shorts and quickly got to business. Gardener spent the majority of the set, which was punctuated by skip roping (is that how you say it? Skipping rope? I don’t know) and handstands, exploring the venue. If there was a bar, table, light fitting he was getting up on it. I had been looking forward to this set since their last show in Melbourne and every time I see them it’s somehow better than the last amazing set they played.

Canada’s Cancer Bats capped off this incredible line up and by the time they too to the stage you could barely move. This did not stop a pit almost big enough to swallow Stay Gold in its entirety and take half of Sydney road with it (despite the best efforts of an overzealous crowd controller who wound up on the pointy end of a tongue lashing by Scott Middleton). The set was chaotic but extremely tight as you would expect from a band with a touring history like Cancer Bats. I’d come to this gig probably a little more hyped to see Totally Unicorn but by golly Cancer Bats absolutely blew me, and the rest of the crowd away. I also think vocalist Liam Cormier deserves a special mention for his brilliant yet stinging take on Australian vernacular and his wise explanation on the logistical troubles of hypothetical moving your band, families, pets etc to Australia, apologies to those hoping they might do it, they won’t. If you are reading this and somehow in the future find yourself somewhere where Cancer Bats are playing, see them!

Gig Review and Photo Gallery by Sean Fabre-Simmonds. Insta: @gravy_havock
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Totally Unicorn

Cancer Bats

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