Lucid – Aimless Oceans (EP Review)

LUCID Aimless Oceans
Released: 16th October 2019


Keira Lymbery // Vocals
Ryan Thomas // Guitar/Vocals
Michael Done // Bass
Mitchell Hand // Drums



Sydney-based four-piece Lucid are fairly new to the scene, and Aimless Oceans is their musical debut. These guys (and girl) cite their musical inspirations from Parkway Drive and A Day To Remember to Dream State. After giving this EP a spin just once, it’s not hard to pick out their influences here. But are they just another average pop punk band? Read on and find out…

The EP begins with ‘Embrace’, a heavy, riff-laden track led by some pretty mesmerising vocals, courtesy of frontwoman Keira Lymbery. The way her vocals carry over the guitars throughout this EP is one of my favourite things about Lucid. She’s definitely one of my new favourite young voices of 2019 and the overall tone of this song reminds me of Dream State, which makes for an epic introduction to the band. In contrast though, ‘On the Line’ ticks all the boxes of a light hearted, feel good pop/punk song. The guitars here hold enough chugginess to an A Day To Remember track but also carries a catchy pop/rock beat.

‘Crawl’ begins with a light drum beat, immediately launching into a heavier, more metallic riff, which is definitely something you wouldn’t expect from these guys. Being the heaviest and most metal we’ve seen these guys by far, it feels pretty experimental for such a young band and they definitely went beyond the norms here. ‘Drown Me’ is a fucking rad tune; it’s a straight up pop/punk emotional belter and features the catchiest chorus ever. I haven’t been able to get this song out of my head in the last week, and I can bet you won’t be able to either.


The intro on this next track feels very rock’n’roll. ‘Come Too Far’ is a testament to Lucid’s talent and potential as a collective musical unit. While Keira’s vocals are doing a solid here, it’s not so much the highlight on this one. The numerous guitar solos and riffs are definitely felt way more, in turn making Lucid sound more like a rock’n’roll act. The final track ‘Aimless Oceans’ continues that rock’n’roll vibe, packing an extra punch with some added metal/punk vibes. Featuring a soaring catchy chorus, this song is full of energy and sees each member giving it their all one last time. 

Aimless Oceans is a diverse 6-track debut for this young Sydney band. Lucid are here to make things a little more interesting in the scene by playing around with metal, punk and pop. They’re not your average western Sydney pop/punk band after all, but are in turn adding a little mystery around themselves. Overall, I’d have to say, this EP is a solid, creative introduction for the band. Keep a close watch on Lucid because we’re not quite sure what direction they’re going to take next!

EP ART Final (Editable white with border)

Lucid – Aimless Oceans tracklisting:

  1. Embrace
  2. On The Line
  3. Crawl
  4. Drown Me
  5. Come Too Far
  6. Aimless Ocean

Rating: 8 / 10
Aimless Oceans is out now. Listen here!
Review by Tamara May (@citylightsTAM)


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