August Burns Red – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 11th October @ 170 Russell, Melbourne VIC

August Burns Red
170 Russell, Melbourne VIC
11th October 2019
Supports: Alpha Wolf and Gravemind

American metalcore heavyweights August Burns Red have are currently touring the world to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their album Constellations. Luckily for us, they’ve included Australia on that tour and have taken Melbourne bands Alpha Wolf and Gravemind along for the ride, both of which have been doing incredibly well within the Australian heavy music scene and beyond.

I walked into the half-filled venue just as Gravemind started their set. They started their set off with ‘Volgin’ and the energy radiating from the band was high from the very start, which somehow didn’t seem to translate to the crowd who seemingly didn’t get too involved. The way vocalist Dylan Gillies-Parsons projected his voice throughout the venue while changing from his low growls to his high pitched screams looked effortless. The rest of the band didn’t fall short of the mark either, playing with absolute conviction and passion, making watching them play an absolute pleasure.

Next up was Alpha Wolf, a band who seems to have taken over the heavy music scene here in Australia. As opening song ‘No Name’ started playing a large and chaotic mosh pit erupted from the sea of fans, who managed to keep the energy high throughout the rest of AW‘s set. With this show being the biggest they have ever played on home soil, the band performed incredibly well in front of the large crowd which goes to show just how well adjusted these guys have become over the past few years. Playing a mix of songs from their latest release ‘Fault’ (our review here) as well as a few favourites from their debut album ‘Mono’ their was something for everybody. Frontman Lochie Keogh seemingly gets better with every show at interacting with the punters and demonstrating and enjoyable performance, having been in the band for a little bit over a year now it’s easy to he has well and truly cemented his place in the band and is leading Alpha Wolf to the top.

Finally, it was time for August Burns Red to take to the stage, opening with track one from the album, ‘Thirty and Seven’. From the very beginning, fans were screaming along to the lyrics while moshing with passion. This band seems to have an abundance of die-hard fans it showed with just how many people expressed their love these guys by getting involved in one way or another. Throughout the eighty-minute set, the energy in the room intensified. Having been a band for sixteen years now, their experience showed with every note they played was in time and on the mark. After finishing their set, the band came back on stage to perform a four-song encore, consisting of all-time fan favourites such as ‘Ghosts’, ‘Invisible Enemy’, ‘Empire’ and ‘Composure’.

August Burns Red truly are a well-rounded act, and their live gigs prove that. Their performance and delivery is outstanding. Let’s just hope the next time they visit us that they take a new album with them…

Gig Review by Adam Rice @adamrice1994 


Thirty and Seven
Ocean of Apathy
White Washed
Marianas Trench
The Escape Artist


Invisible Enemy

Photo Gallery by Clinton Hatfield. Insta:
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Alpha Wolf

August Burns Red

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August Burns Red – 10 Years of Constellations Tour
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