Simple Creatures Celebrate New EP’s Release With ‘Thanks, I Hate It’ Video

If you missed it, we got you covered… On Friday, Simple Creatures (aka Mark Hoppus & Alex Gaskarth) released their second EP for the year called Everything Opposite (our review here) which was a massive step up from their first offering which they dropped earlier in the year.

So far it’s been met with praise from fans and critics alike (look if you go in expecting blink or All Time Low you’re gonna have a bad time) and the guys have kept the hype game going by releasing a music video for arguably the BEST song on the release ‘Thanks, I Hate It‘ which has the duo’s faces dubbed onto the stars of famous infomercials like Sham-wow, and Snuggies.

I think it serves as a great representation for what this musical act is all about, fun trash-pop that’s cheesy and unlike anything you’ve heard from either member. If you like what you hear/see, give the EP a spin here

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