Hypno5e Will Bring An Epically Heavy Sound With New Album A Distant (Dark) Source

French avant-garde prog metal geniuses Hypno5e have released a single (or three?) in anticipation of their upcoming album A Distant (Dark) Source incoming 22nd November via Pelagic. If this album is anything like their previous dynamic masterpiece Shores of the Abstract Line, it’ll provide hours, if not years of enjoyment and awe.

The single is an 18 minute long epic spanning achingly soft piano sections to bone grinding moments of heaviness. It comes with Emmanuel Jessua’s trademark vocals and French audio clips, sending anyone who listens on a breathless pilgrimage through the dark and twisting corridors of their own introspection.

On the new album, the band revealed:

A Distant (Dark) Source continues to chase those demons and lost memories which the band has been chasing ever since their debut album Des Deux L’Une Est L’Autre: the album is an inward journey to the land of the ghosts of the past. At the origin of this distant dark source lies Tauca, an old Paleolithic lake located in Bolivia, where singer and guitarist Emmanuel Jessua has grown up, and continues to find inspiration for his musical endeavors.

Lake Tauca disappeared more than 15 000 years ago, leaving behind an arid land and salt lakes, like the Salt Desert of Uyuni or Coipasa, at 4.500m of altitude in the Andes mountain range. “A Distant (Dark) Source” is the musical imagination of a night in this desert, during which the old shores of the lake see the return of the shadows of the people who used to live in this area before its disappearance. A man comes back to the lake to look for the shadow of the woman he loved. The album tells the story of this ephemeral return.

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Hypno5e - A Distant (Dark) Source (2019)

Hypno5e – A Distant (Dark) Source

1. On The Dry Lake (12:27)
2.  In The Blue Glow Of Dawn (16:02)
3. A Distant Dark Source (18:09)
4. On Our Bed Of Soil (15:51)
5. Tauca Part Ii – Nowhere (5:28)

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