Black Rheno Drop Single’s Awareness Song ‘Collision’

We’re counting down the days until heavy hitter Black Rheno released their debut album Noise Smasher on October 25th and to get us keen for it, they’ve debuted a new song called ‘Collision‘ which focuses on the, umm, nightly antics of us single eagles who, umm, need to find a way to pass the time before bed by, umm, you know, scrolling through porn…. Don’t be a prude, it’s desperate times for a single legend like you and I.

Frontman Ryan Miller did a better job at explaining the song’s meaning than I did revealing:

“This is a tongue-in-cheek track poking fun at myself but really spawned from some underlying truths. It was written at a time when I was buried deep in some heavy commitments, not going out and not having any physical connection with anyone for a while. It’s about all the sexual fantasies and urges that run through my mind oh so frequently while leading into the grim realisation none of it’s actually happening, and I’m just whipping out the phone out for a quick scroll before I go to sleep…”

No judgement from me, switch that phone to incognito mode and scroll away! The band are also hitting the road with EyeHateGod next month, more details on that here!

Pre-Order the new album via BandCamp here

black rheno - noise smasher

Black Rheno – Noise Smasher tracklisting

1. Dirt
2. Hollow Connection
3. Collision
4. Burn
5. Human
6. Vortex
7. Smite With Dynamite
8. Something Fucking Special
9. Crossfire
10. Master Chronicle
11. Maximum Casualties

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