The 7 Best Tracks From Paramore’s brand new eyes

Can you name a Paramore song that isn’t ‘Misery Business‘, ‘Still Into You‘ or ‘Decode‘? Do you remember their album brand new eyes? Released way back in 2009, this album was the hugely anticipated follow-up to 2007’s RIOT! and featured some of the band’s biggest sounding songs to date. Actually, I feel like this was their last decent full-length record because, after this era, they went a little too experimental pop, and we kind of just shrugged them off.

On Sunday, the band celebrated the 10-year anniversary of brand new eyes and while it is inevitably not in our sights that Paramore will ever play songs from this album again (or any kind of anniversary show), we’re shedding light on this forgotten smash hit of a record by bringing back 7 fantastic tracks from this Paramore era that you might have forgotten about.

#7 – Playing God

This one shows Hayley Williams‘ fiery attitude in song (and the video is the first one without her fiery red hair) perfectly about pointing fingers at those that think they’re always right. I feel this definitely encapsulated their catchy sound from the band’s previous work but on a new level.

#6 – Feeling Sorry

It’s hard to pick a favourite song from this album, but back during its release, this track was definitely a close contender.

#5 – Careful

Being the first track on brand new eyes, ‘Careful‘ reminded me a lot of RIOT‘s ‘crushcrushcrush’ but it added even more edge to the band. A fucking great first track from this record! Parts of the video were also filmed in Australia during their run at Soundwave 2010 and their sideshows with the opening chants taking place at the Brisbane venue The Tivoli… were you there??

#4 – Brick By Boring Brick

The video for this song may be just as epic as the song itself, it had a wholesome Alice in Wonderland fantasy vibe and was the band’s most artsy music video to date. Like ‘Careful‘, this one also brought back Paramore‘s signature sound from RIOT! but on a new level.

#3 – Looking Up

Looking Up‘ is the anthem for never losing sight of your dreams, especially when that dream is your band making it. That familiar line “It’s not a dream anymore / it’s worth fighting for” definitely sticks with you (and every upcoming band ever).

#2 – The Only Exception

I believe this track was the first of Paramore‘s widely received mainstream radio hits, which basically catapulted them into superstars back in the day and here on out. You couldn’t go a day without hearing this ballad on the radio when it was released as a single.

#1 – Ignorance

Ignorance‘ was the punchy, angsty pop punk anthem lead single for this record. It was by far their biggest and best hit since ‘Misery Business’ and packs just as much attitude as its well-known predecessor.

Words by Tamara May @citylightsTAM

Happy 10th Birthday brand new eyes

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