Five Times Kids Shows And Rock Music Collided

Five years old. Backpack double the size of its body, hat in hand, packed lunch at the ready… Wall of Sound is officially old enough to go to school! And what better way to celebrate than to reminisce on some of our favourite times good music and kids shows collided (because deep down we all know you’re F%$KING over that Baby Shark song by now right!?)

#5 – Yo Gabba Gabba

Created by Christian Jacobs and Scott Schultz; Two dads who were bored with subpar kids television. This show is like something out of a fever dream or an acid trip. Needless to say, they followed through on making a show for the whole family and as a result, they had a bunch of bands perform like The Ting Tings, My Chemical Romance and The Killers. But who can forget Jimmy Eat World’s incredible performance with some poorly green-screened cats and dogs? It’s one for the history books!

Side note: It’s worth mentioning Yo Gabba Gabba actually performed at Coachella which means someone definitely either had the worst or best trip of their life that day.

#4 – The Aquabats

Speaking of kids shows playing festivals we can’t not mention the Aquabats! Christian Jacobs continues to entertain children and parents alike with the kid-friendly ska/punk band. Playing Soundwave Festival in 2015, maybe it’s no surprise that they’d have a few heavy guests, but that doesn’t make the episode Antibats any less amusing. Guest written by the god himself Gerard Way and featuring ex-bandmate and equally talented sibling Mikey Way in some incredible purple spandex, this episode is best watched immediately after the ‘Famous Last Words‘ video for maximum contrast.

Another fun fact: Travis Barker was actually the drummer for the Aquabats under the name “The Baron Von Tito” for two and a half years before joining blink-182 ( but you already knew that right!?)

 #3 – Pancake Mountain

You’d be forgiven for not knowing what this show is. This severely under-rated kids show stemming out of Washington never really picked up anywhere, mostly because of its completely incohesive format (No really, I watched 6 episodes to research this article and I still can’t explain the plot). Despite this though, the show definitely has its charm with a theme song performed by Anti-Flag and guests like Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon and The White Stripes, it’s earned some cred amongst music fans. But for this list, I have to give the best and most contrasting performance to Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence. Best viewed after really listening to any song that band has ever written.

# 2 – The Muppet Show

This show is kind of the OG. Kermit and friends have always had a show that parents, kids (and deeply childish 20 year olds) can enjoy. Initially made as Jim Henson‘s more adult-centric departure from Sesame Street; It’s a very music orientated show with some of the oddest characters to ever set foot on television. Because of this, it comes as no shock that they’d feature some glorious musical guests. After all, I’m sure everyone’s very familiar with the feud between Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and Electric Mayhem’s Animal. But Alice Cooper‘s 1978 appearance on the show takes the cake. Unlike others on this list, there is absolutely no contrast here. He straight up tries to convince Kermit to sell his soul to the devil… Very on brand.

#1 – The Wiggles

It’s impossible not to have The Wiggles make this list. Initially comprising of a bunch of musicians and ex-members of the pop band The Cockroaches (ask ya parents) who were all consequently studying to be preschool teachers at Macquarie Uni. Unlike the other shows (despite being very music orientated) the show’s guest mostly comprised of your handful of Australian regulars like Kylie Minogue, Slim DustyRolf Harris (Best skip that one). But the guest to make the list today are pop-rock band Mental As Anything because their performance of ‘Let’s Cook with The Wiggles’ will give you a little bit of a giggle and it’s kind of a banger. They also made the list because I spoke to lead singer at Engadine RSL the other week and he referenced as a career highlight which was kind of wholesome.

So for all the parents out there who slowly want to brainwash their kids into liking good music let this serve as a starting point. Also another big Happy Birthday to Wall of Sound! And a big thank you to the internet’s dad and WoS founding father Browny for dealing with all of our shit for 5 years!…

Words by Bree Vane @Briebrebree

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