Old Devil – L’appell Du Vide (Album Review)

Old Devil – L’appell Du Vide
Released: September 27th 2019


Kieran Murphy // vocals
Will Bawden // guitar
Josh McIntee // guitar
Nick Roberts // bass/vocals



Australian post-hardcore outfit Old Devil is the latest band to appear out of Perth’s heavy music community, and their take on alternative music is quite interesting. Combining punk and hardcore elements into a unique complexity of sounds and what’s come out is their debut album, L’appell Du Vide – The Call of the Void

Their lead single ‘Preacher’ begins off as theatrically instrumental and later showcases vocalist Kieran Murphy’s incredible vocal range. ‘Hostage’ is heavy and hard from the first note, and that chorus just soars into the unknown. In ‘Nineteenfourteen’ the band gets even more intense here with the riffs, which gives them more of a hard rock edgy vibe. When ‘The Bird That Sank the Boat’ kicks in, the vocals here are reminiscent of Oli Sykes during the Sempiternal era and it’ll definitely reel you in even more to the quirks of Old Devil.

‘Everybody Watched the Disaster Live on TV’ sees the band take on some good ol’ punk attitude, with an added bonus of some social commentary. This track is short and fast, which gave me similar vibes to Sum 41. ‘Welcome Home Cosmonauts’ continues along this high punk energy, complemented by Kieran’s awe-inspiring vocals and features the band’s loudest chorus on the entire album.

The Interlude track exists on this album to somewhat separate the complexity of these guys’ sound. The first half of this album definitely held the heavier elements. ‘Dance of the Snakes’ starts off in a slow tempo mode, but gradually soars into an almost anthemic chorus. ‘Violent Storms’ once again showcases Kieran’s awesome, varied vocal range against the strum of a guitar. This track continues onto ‘Sonder’, a short instrumental where the rest of the band chimes in here showcasing their collective musical ability. The incredibly executed 8-minute title track ‘L’appell Du Vide’ is a listening experience all on its own; its heavy rock riffs and well-crafted musical style needs to be heard. If you must listen to one song by Old Devil, make it this one. This track is life-changing, and an epic finale for the album. However, the boys have thrown in a bonus here with ‘Destroyers’ and they plough through as a unit one last time. Not quite as extensive as the previous track, however this song feels like a story all on its own. 

The debut album from Old Devil is an interesting listening experience for any alternative music listener. Mesmerising vocals, accompanied by the thrashing of guitars and cleverly crafted music later down the track is a key element of these guys. Their interesting blend of punk and hardcore elements, as well as their ability to create inspiring musical pieces makes for an authentic debut for the band. 

Album Art

Old Devil – L’appell Du Vide tracklisting:

  1. Preacher
  2. Hostage
  3. Nineteenfourteen
  4. The Bird That Sank The Boat
  5. Everybody Watched the Disaster Live on TV
  6. Welcome Home Cosmonaut
  7. Leader (Interlude)
  8. Dance of the Snakes
  9. Violent Storms
  10. Sonder
  11. L’appell Du Vide
  12. Destroyers (Bonus track)

Rating: 8/10
L’apell Du Vide is out this Friday. Pre-order here
Review by Tamara May (@citylightsTAM)

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