DW Norton – Superheist ‘Breaking In New Stages’

Melbourne, this one’s for you! In association with Blade Live Productions, we’re stoked about the opening night of a brand new live band venue, Papercut @ Deluxe Bar. And to kick things off Superheist, Australia’s nu-metal kings, will be headlining the opening show next week on Thursday, October 3rd!

This is going to be a huge event in a great new venue, so we grabbed Superheist‘s own DW Norton to tell us more about it…

Superheist is playing the opening show at a new venue, Papercut @ Deluxe Bar. Now, being seasoned musicians, does breaking in a new stage still excite you? Like snow that has never been walked on, does a new stage give the same feeling?

It’s always a great vibe to be chosen to help open a new venue and be the first to destroy the brand new stage. I just hope there’s plenty of things for Zeke to swing off or jump off or do his usually crazy thing out in crowd standing on a barrel or a table… even the bar!

This is going to be a huge opening with some killer bands with you on the lineup, and Requiem Tattoo Gallery will be giving away free tattoo packs and vouchers, is anyone in the band maybe planning some new ink?

We’ve booked in our gigantic bass player Si Durrant for an updated Superheist logo. He has the old one from ‘97 tattooed on his shin. I’m thinking it’s time he truely represented and got our new logo etched across his forehead. It won’t be hard… a few shandy’s and he’s up for anything!

This is the beginning of a new monthly Thursday night music venue, open to all punters to head out and see some live music. Are you seeing a demand for more regular live music in Melbourne?

I’m seeing a demand for QUALITY live music that’s for sure! It’s great to see a bonafide legend like Coby Chatz throwing his weight behind a new night at Deluxe Bar… he’s definitely used his influence to lure The Heist in for this opening night… he managed to negotiate and get us down from our usual $150k show free down to a six pack of VB cans!

Superheist’s fourth album came out in earlier in May this year and Sidewinder sounds to be doing pretty well. A few months on from its release, are you guys still in the honeymoon phase, or have you started tweaking bits here and there when you play live?

Well we haven’t done much since HeistFest so this show on the 3rd of October will kick off our end of year tour schedule. We’ll definitely be including more songs off Sidewinder along with the usual crowd faves.

What’s your favourite song to play live from Sidewinder?

‘The Riot’ and ‘Crush The Crisis’. Both those songs really get the crowd crankin’ to whole other level. You can see that in full flight on the ‘Crush The Crisis’ video that you can find on YouTube. The new songs all sound extra massive live… 8 string guitars have a way of bringing out the beast in the riffage.

Everyone keeps saying that nu-metal is making a comeback, but did it ever leave the scene?

Oh yeah… for some reason it became a dirty word. Which is ridiculous really. It’s like anything that becomes cool and huge, eventually becomes lame to the new generations. But like all good fashion… it makes a comeback. And that’s what we are seeing now.

To me, Nu-Metal is a stupid term. Superheist gets lumped into that genre cos we have big bouncing beats, metal riffs, sections of rap and big catchy choruses. Which is really just a mixing pot of all the styles that we are influenced by. Even if Nu-Metal was never a thing… we’d still sound the way we sound.

We still have a few months left of the year, what else are you squeezing into 2019?

As I said earlier… the Deluxe Bar gig is the first of a whole bunch of shows across the country in October and November. If you haven’t seen Superheist or haven’t had a chance to see us lately… do not miss Deluxe Bar on October 3! Our show has gone next level and I guarantee that you will leave knowing you just witnessed the best live band in the land! 👊🏻

See you guys at Papercut!

Interview by Ebony Story

Superheist Flier (3rd Oct)

Superheist – Papercut Opening Night
with The Weight of Silence, Cold Ground, Druid & Southern Guns

October 3rd @ Deluxe Bar & Lounge, Melb


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