PREMIERE: Being Jane Lane Tackle Jelly Wrestling Drag Queens In ‘Savage Sunday’ Video

One of our fav punk rockers from South East Queensland are about to unleash their debut album upon the world on October 1st (pre-order here) and we can’t be more stoked for them… The band is Being Jane Lane who absolutely tore BIGSOUND 2019 a new one (our coverage here) with their punk rock sound and onstage antics and if you missed any of their showcases, you can get an idea of what they’re like as people (and musicians) in their new music video for ‘Savage Sunday‘ which we are STOKED to be premiering for you today!

The video features the BJL family at a typical BBQ, complete with jelly wrestling drag queens, dinosaurs and even a sneaky cameo from Josh Murphy of Flangipanis! We hit up bassist Lousie Sanders to find out what went down on the day they filmed the video and what the vibe is like at BJL HQ ahead of next week’s album release…

BJL congrats on the new video, it’s fucking awesome! Who came up with this hilarious idea?

Thank you so much! It turned out amazing and we are super pleased with how it’s turned out. It’s actually funny because PB actually had the idea of jelly wrestling, but we kinda strayed away from the idea thinking she just meant like, tacky jelly wrestling or something.

Somehow I probably just weaselled my love of drag queens in the mix, which suddenly made the idea much more hilarious. The director let us just roll on from there with some ideas and voila! Vollie LaVont (the star of the clip) is a local queen we have worked with for our last launch as our host so of course she had to be in it. She did such a fantastic job!

The funny thing is, it’s not too far removed from what you’d all get up to on a weekend right?

Oh absolutely. You know we like to party. I have a feeling it won’t actually be the last we see of that jelly pit haha.

We’re a week away from the release of Savage Sunday (the album) are you all shitting bricks yet?

Honestly, we have been pinching ourselves and legit been consistently saying “holy shit, people are going to be hearing this soon”. It has been a solid year or so of blood sweat and tears into Savage Sunday. We have been through a tonne of stuff over that year, hence the reason it’s taken as long as it has. So for us it’s our baby and we truly hope people enjoy all of those tracks.

There’s also some songs on there we have been holding out on releasing or even playing for a long time so it’s also nice to see them head into the big wide world now. Whatever happens though we are super proud of what’s on there, and can’t thank our producer Guy Cooper enough for his patience and hard work making this album.

The collection of songs on the album range from rock to punk to tracks I can’t give a label because they cross a few different genres, is that a way to expand your horizons and not be locked down as just another “punk rock band” so to say?

I was trying to explain this to someone the other day actually. It’s nothing intentional. The only way I can pinpoint exactly how we end up writing the way we do is just that we have a huge range of influences between us.

From Parkway Drive to Cardi B, it’s a huge mash of weird music that runs between us which ends up coming out through BJL. We all have parts that we play in the writing process so it would make sense that what we individually contribute would change some dynamics. Certainly not mad about it though.

Something I have always loved about beej is that we have never had a set full of ‘the same song’. It’s a bit wild and all over the place but it’s made us who we are.

being jane lane - photo by tracie lee

What’s the most savage thing that’s happened to you on a Sunday?

Well I suppose this is probably a good time to give an explanation of why we called the album what we did. There was a long period of time where we recorded or write every Sunday. And obviously we would have had a show the night before and be wildly hungover. And there began the birth of Savage Sunday.

We were just savage bitches haha. Mostly to each other but it just got out of control. Savages!

How will your setlist for the album tour differ from what we’ve seen recently at BIGSOUND for example?

Funny story. If you remember the first night of BIGSOUND we were put with a bunch of bands that were… a lot heavier than us? We actually moved our set around for BS both nights so we could adapt to the bands around us. We have been running the same set for a while now though.

There’s a few new tracks on the album that we are going to play live for the first time, but we always have so much trouble culling songs. It’s going to be tricky but we are very excited for the tour!

What’s next after these tours?

Start again! It’s time to get back to the drawing board and write some new bangers! We have a few tracks in the works for a new EP, but with everything going on (including our real life jobs) we just haven’t locked down and finished them. So that’s a huge importance. Not to mention gigs. Always giggin.

Any final words to add in legend?

Umm Wall of Sound rules and Browny is a total babe?

You’re too kind, right back at you tumbles!

Interview by Browny @brownypaul

Catch Being Jane Lane on tour through Oct/Nov.
Dates here

being jane lane savage sunday

Being Jane Lane – Savage Sunday tracklisting

1. Next Step
2. Savage Sunday
3. Yeah
4. Be Okay
5. Little Fat Lamb
6. Quickly Interrupted
7. All The Time
8. Marathon
9. Never Have I Ever
10. Take Me Outside
11. Running
12. Less Is More

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