Diamond Construct Part Ways With Drummer Adam Kilpatrick

Not the announcement we were expecting from the Diamond Construct lads but drummer Adam Kilpatrick has announced he’ll be departing the band to focus on his mental health and other projects…

In a lengthy post on the band’s Facebook page, Adam put it all out there for the fans stating:

“This may come as a surprise to some but I’m writing now to inform you that I’ve made the choice to part ways with Diamond Construct to pursue other passions and head in a new direction. There is no bad blood between me and the boys, we’ve been friends for a long time and climbed mountains and fallen off again together, trust me there are so many absolutely ridiculous stories. I wouldn’t of been able to do this without them and I wish them all the success for the future of DC.

To be completely honest I am tired and burnt out. My mental and physical health was really deteriorating and I have to accept that and focus on my happiness and wellbeing now.

I was only 17 when this journey began and through DC I’ve made countless friends and truly connected with so many talented and interesting people. It’s also insane to think I have crossed paths, even made friendships with musicians I looked up too as a kid…for this I am eternally grateful.
I see now and believe that hard work and dedication to your craft really does pay off, and that you can achieve the unimaginable if you just make the decision and put in the work.

Now I’m not quitting music or anything like that, its given me so much in life so you’ll see me somewhere again I imagine!
Maybe in an exotic snow cave disguised as the abominable snowman playing hi-hat beats to 2 and a half Sherpas and a mountain goat…who knows!
Follow your heart and don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do, embrace the unknown and don’t let anything or anyone hold you back from pursuing what makes you happy. Life isn’t easy but looking back, I think Diamond Construct taught me its 100% worth it to chase your dreams.

I would like to thank all the booking agents who gave us a chance, all the bands we shared the stage with, the supporters who bought merch, the Spotify listeners and finally Ash and Josh at Greyscale Records for believing in us to dish out a record deal. You all made the dream become a reality.

If you’d like to keep up with anything creative I do, I mostly use Instagram these days! My tag is @adam.drums

Take care and thankyou all for the memories 


Cheers to Adam for the memories, it’s been a pleasure writing about him and his adventures. Keen to see what he and the rest of the Diamond Construct guys do moving forward!

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