Boys of Fall – Better Moments Gold Edition (Album Review)

Boys of Fall – Better Moments (Gold Edition)
Released: September 13th, 2019


Michael Martenson // vocals
Jake Cemer // vocals/guitar
Dan Quigley // guitar
Eli Sleeker // bass
Scott Solomon // drums

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US pop punk band Boys of Fall are celebrating the Gold Edition release of their album, Better Moments this week, which features two brand new singles plus two acoustic fan exclusives. Quick back story about this band: despite calling it quits in 2016, their US fans caused an uproar and the guys were so overwhelmed with the response they basically had no choice but to reignite the spark in the band. Since their return, they’ve signed to InVogue Records, and Boys of Fall have gone from strength to strength by releasing Better Moments and more recently, collaborating with EDM producer Kayzo. These young lads from Detroit, Michigan aren’t your average pop punk band though. If you listen to some of the tracks on this record, they’re doing a pretty decent job of honing in on their varied musical talents and creating their own unique sound.

‘Fake Smiles’ is the explosive new single from the band bordering the pop punk and pop arena, but it’s also a little on the post-hardcore side too. It’s catchy, experimental, and unlike many other bands today. Boys of Fall also have that punchy, explosive pop punk hook nailed in tracks like ‘Something to Say’, ‘Bad Company’ and ‘Giving Up’. Giving off a huge energetic vibe, these guys are bound to blast their way into your summer playlist, cheesy lyrics are an added bonus (Baby don’t you know my misery loves company)!

Throughout this record, Boys of Fall have songs that mix into hip hop, pop and even the post-hardcore genre. ‘Arson’ is a fantastic melodic punk/pop track with that groovy intro bass line, yet it also features a mini rap verse and even screams. Kind of like a toned down Issues, it’s refreshing and really showcases vocalist Michael Martenson’s incredible vocal range. ‘Heartbreaker’ continues along a similar melody, featuring punchy guitars, over the top of a jazz-infused backline. Boys of Fall definitely don’t like to box themselves into one genre, with ‘Leaving’ throwing in some experimental pop vibes into the mix here. ‘Time Bomb’ might be their best and heaviest song yet. Beginning a little soft, and although still very pop-driven, it jumps straight into a soaring chorus then into their heaviest (scream-wise) verse on the record so far. 

‘Smooth Yazz’ is the second brand new track for this edition of Better Moments, and it is an upbeat belter of a tune. It’s the band’s signature brand of pop and definitely an enjoyable listen. Meanwhile, ‘Deja Vu’ takes us back to the rockier side of Boys of Fall, it’s feelgood pop rock at its best. At this point now, I really need to commend lead guitarist Dan Quigley here, as his guitar riffs throughout this record have been some of my favourites. ‘Finding Home’ is a light, summertime tune that hones in on vocalist’s Michael Martenson’s love for that special someone. Title track ‘Better Moments’ is in my opinion, one of the better Boys of Fall songs out there. It’s straight up punchy, pop punk and could easily slide right next to your favourite All Time Low song. 

Boys of Fall aren’t your average pop punk band. Sure, they write and play catchy songs, and they do it well. But they’re also willing to trial new sounds and blend different styles together. Better Moments showcases the band at their finest, as well as shows us what the guys are working towards next. While this is ultimately a pop-driven album, there were definitely a good balance of musical styles represented, and what I’d like to see the band do next is a whole record of say, pop punk, or even post-hardcore, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. If you’re into a band who is willing to think outside the square, and aren’t afraid to try new things, Boys of Fall might just garner your interest.


Boys of Fall – Better Moments (Gold Edition) tracklisting:

  1. Fake Smiles
  2. Something To Say
  3. Bad Company
  4. Giving Up
  5. Arson
  6. Heartbreaker
  7. Leaving
  8. Time Bomb
  9. Smooth Yazz (Bonus Track)
  10. Deja Vu
  11. Finding Home
  12. Better Moments
  13. No Good For Me (Acoustic)
  14. Giving Up (Acoustic)

Rating: 7/10
Better Moments (Gold Edition) is out now through InVogue Records! Buy it here
Review by Tamara May (@citylightsTAM)



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