Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain Addressed Why Perth & Adelaide Won’t See The “Erase Me” Cycle

Can you believe its almost been a year and a half since Underoath released their comeback album Erase Me (our review here), which featured the OG lineup back on deck again and a return-to-form most fans loved and lapped up like hotcakes!? Us neither! But one thing that is strange about it though is the fact we never saw the band take part in a full album cycle tour of Australia for it. The only glimpse of the new release we had was their EXCLUSIVE performance at UNIFY Gathering back in January and their forthcoming support on The Amity Affliction‘s Heaven and Hell Tour down the east coast from tomorrow!

Unfortunately, both Adelaide and Perth will completely miss out on seeing new songs being played in their cities because it’s just not a viable expense according to frontman Spencer Chamberlain who told Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall podcast host Browny all about it during the ‘Heaven and Hell Special’ episode where he explained:

“That’s probably it [for the album cycle in Australia]. I know when we came on Rebirth [reunion tour in 2017], I know Perth and Adelaide are kind of harder markets, at least for American bands, I’m not sure about for everybody. It’s really hard for the cost of us being there, all the way from here [USA] and you’re flying gear and all that stuff to go to a place like Perth (which I think is a beautiful city), and Adelaide but not have it be such a big deal. It’s out of our control.”

He reflected on previous tours the band has had down under, adding:

“I remember Adelaide used to be a huge market and I know that changed over the last 15 years so it’s really out of our control. A lot of people always complain about bands not coming to their city but if there’s not as much of a reason to come, it’s kind of out of your control, that’s more of your agent and management calls.”

“I just know when we did the reunion tour and Adelaide and Perth weren’t anything to write home about… The people that were there were great, but it was half the size of all the other shows that we did on the rebirth stuff… I don’t think it’s any band in particular, I just think those are harder markets to sell.”

“I would love to say we’d come back to Adelaide and Perth but I don’t see that happening for quite some time… but I could be wrong, yo never know! – Spencer Chamberlain on touring Australia’s west coast again soon. 

So there you have it, fans can’t direct their disgust to the bands that don’t make it over that way, the evidence is there in attendance and until that picks up, you’re most probably going to see fewer gigs over that way of the country each year.

On the side of that though, we personally know there is still a scene and people who legit want these tours to happen, who are doing their best to keep their cities on the map with local shows popping up all over the place lately (especially in Perth), but let’s work to support national and international tours again so we can see the scene pick up and more visits across the country for the heavy music scene over those parts.

The Amity Affliction‘s Heaven and Hell Tour kicks off tomorrow!
Tickets via Live Nation 

amity heaven and hell tour

The Amity Affliction – Heaven and Hell Tour
with Underoath, Crossfaith and Pagan

Sept 12th @ Hordern Pavilion, Syd

Sept 14th @ Riverstage, Bris

Sept 16th @ Melbourne Arena, Melb

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  1. Hi I’m kat i am a participant in the perth metal scene and also a PA systems tech working currently in the events industry. I would like to post a rebuttal to spencer Chamberlain’s coment. I understand the reasons that bands dont come to perth , it is verry expensive and also logisticly dificult. I also understand that bands need to sell a certain amount of tickets to break even at a venue when touring for a show to be successful.
    However Having had the privilege of seeing StaticX and Devildriver back to back last month i can safely say the scene is alive and well and both nights the rock rover and capital were absolutely packed .we may not have the numbers to drive ticket sales but we do have significant spending power when it comes to merch. Myself and friends often spend more than $100 on merch each after buying 2 tour shirts and anything else offered up an album or stubby holder whatever, all of that goes directly to the band and when 250-500 people do that or similar it adds up. Besides that when U.S bands do have the gumption to tour to perth its all we talk about for months in advance of the show and at shows punters are lively and responsive.we are incredibly appreciative when U.S bands tour to our city .and we want more bands to take the leap no australian tour is compleate without Perth and Adelaide

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