Sleeping With Sirens – How It Feels To Be Lost (Album Review)

Sleeping With SirensHow It Feels To Be Lost
Released: September 6th, 2019


Kellin Quinn // vocals/keyboards
Jack Fowler // guitar
Nick Martin // guitar
Justin Hills // bass


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Sleeping With Sirens have had some massive hits during their time as a band, mainly prior to 2012, and over the course of five records, have managed to sway their musical style in between post-hardcore, punk, metal and pop. Now, with the help of some friends (Matt Good and Zakk Cerviniand under a brand new label (Sumerian Records), they’ve returned to the heavier side of music with their sixth full-length release, How It Feels To Be Lost

The opening track and the album’s leading single ‘Leave It All Behind’ re-introduces the band straight away as returning back to their earlier, heavier roots. Despite its heavily polished production, it’s a definite banger and leaves the listener keen as fuck for more. Second track ‘Never Enough’ sways to the band’s melodic pop side here, and features some standard guest vocals from none other than Good Charlotte‘s Benji Madden. As a massive GC fan, I was super keen to hear how this song played out, but it was slightly underwhelming. The song is awesome, but in all honesty, I’m not sure if Benji was really needed here.

Title track ‘How It Feels To Be Lost’ sees vocalist Kellin Quinn at his most vulnerable so far. The vocals here definitely feel more genuine than the heavier polished songs. ‘Agree To Disagree’, the second single released in the lead-up to this album, feels similar to its predecessor, except it’s a little less heavy, a little more melodic. Again, the production on this track is mint and to some, might feel a little too polished. ‘Ghost’ lowers the tempo and softens the vibe here. It feels like a “crying out for help” track, one for the hopeless kids. ‘Blood Lines’ pays homage to family ties (“You can’t change what you were born into / Don’t let it bury you”) and features a huge, soaring chorus.

‘Break Me Down’ is by far Sleeping With Sirens‘ heaviest track on this collection. I feel like this one was made for the fans that have been with the band since the start. ‘Another Nightmare’ sees an introduction of electronic beats and weird autotune make its way onto this album. The chorus is pretty catchy, but these sounds feel a bit overused. ‘P.S. Missing You’ may well be the most underrated track of How It Feels To Be Lost. It’s the right balance of melodic and heavy for the band and feels like an absolute emotional belter.

sleeping with sirens 2019

‘Medicine (Devil In My Head)’ is punchy and almost reminds me of something off the most recent I Prevail album, just way more melodic. The EDM beats make a comeback on this one and there’s even a tiny part that feels like it was inspired by Crossfaith. This track is a favourite, for sure. Finishing off the album is a track that sees Kellin speak out directly to the listener. ‘Dying To Believe’ is an anthem for the hopeless and the ones who need someone to believe in them. This track has huge potential to make a difference and in saying that, is a solid finale here.

Sleeping With Sirens are back on their A-game, and it’s pretty fucking great. How It Feels To Be Lost sees vocalist Kellin Quinn explore raw emotions as he hits rock bottom and comes back swinging, and it’s the best we’ve seen him in recent years. The band smash out their heaviest tracks we’ve heard in years, and have created an album that’ll win over fans everywhere. While I doubt any song will even get to the amount of success that ‘King For A Day’ saw, How It Feels To Be Lost is definitely an enjoyable listening experience for all.

sleeping with sirens - how it feels to be lost album cover

Sleeping With SirensHow It Feels To Be Lost tracklisting:

  1. Leave It All Behind
  2. Never Enough (featuring Benji Madden)
  3. How It Feels To Be Lost
  4. Agree To Disagree
  5. Ghost
  6. Blood Lines
  7. Break Me Down
  8. Another Nightmare
  9. P.S. Missing You
  10. Medicine (Devil In My Head)
  11. Dying To Believe

Rating: 8/10
How It Feels To Be Lost is out now through Sumerian Records. Buy it now!
Review by Tamara May (@citylightsTAM)



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