Impatient? You Can Watch Angels & Airwaves Play Their New Song ‘Kiss & Tell’ LIVE

They’ve hit the stage for the first time in fucking years and they’re sounding just as good as the last time we caught them in Australia for Soundwave 2012 but Tom DeLonge and his Angels & Airwaves band of brothers played a show in San Diego overnight where they debuted their forthcoming song ‘Kiss & Tell‘ which is scheduled for release on Friday/Saturday (our time), but, if you like me, are an impatient mother fucker, you can suss out a live video from their show captured by YouTube user Nathaniel Rohner.

The song, from what we can hear, sounds like a combination of their earlier work (think We Don’t Need To Whisper/I-Empire) combined with their last studio album The Dream Walker and, well, to be honest, it’s great to hear this band making some great rock songs again. The band features Tom up front, David Kennedy on guitar, Matt Rubano on bass and Ilan Rubin smashing away on the drums.

Now all we need is an Australian tour, please, thank you and goodnight.

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