Jinjer Announce New EP “MACRO” + Drop New Song ‘Judgement (& Punishment)’

Ever since Pricey from The Faction put us onto this band, we’ve been obsessed and now Jinjer have some new music on the way for us to froth over with their newly announced MACRO EP coming out on October 25th via Napalm Records.

To celebrate, the gang have also released their new song ‘Judgement (& Punishment)‘ which sees them slow things down for a slow-jam styled melodic metal song, showcasing frontwoman Tatiana Shmailyuk‘s cleans, more so than her brutal screams, proving the band are versatile enough to cover both heavy tracks and these more softer offerings. If you like those screams though, don’t stress, they make their return halfway through when the song takes a welcomed djenty turn.

Get keen, get pre-ordering here and get this band on your wishlist for Download Festival 2020

jinjer macro

Jinjer – MACRO EP tracklisting

1. On the Top
2. Pit of Consciousness
3. Judgement (& Punishment)
4. Retrospection
5. Pausing Death
6. Noah
7. Home Back
8. The Prophecy
9. lainnereP

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