Poppy Continues Her Twisted Direction Into Heavy Music With ‘Concrete’ + She’s Signed To Sumerian Records

She’s touring with Bring Me The Horizon. She’s released a song with Fever 333 and now, it’s safe to say that poppy has infiltrated the heavy music scene with her combination of heavy pop-metal, unlike anything else we’ve ever heard before (before you say it, it’s different to BABYMETAL ok) and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Her new song ‘Concrete‘ is evidence of this proving you can blend two completely different music styled together and have it work out in a disjointed kind of way, that just works. At one point you’re headbanging for dear life and the next you’re floating on a clod listening to her soothing, melodic vocals. Its obviously caught the eye of labels because Poppy has now signed to Sumerian Records, home to Jonathan Davis and Sleeping With Sirens, so expect to see a whole bunch more from her and her band of misfits over the next few years.

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