Pavilion – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 17th August @ Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane QLD

Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane QLD
August 17th, 2019
Supports: Valhalla Lights and Void Matter

Brisbane stormed the Woolly Mammoth on Saturday night for Pavilion‘s ‘Hellfire‘ Single Launch Show alongside Void Matter and Valhalla Lights and you better believe we were there for it too.

Our evening kicked off with Void Matter who rallied up their tribe of loyal followers and smashed through their short set. There were headbands a-plenty with new song ‘Don’t Sleep‘ and the fan favourite ‘Running Blind‘ gained the biggest praise. Next up Valhalla Lights took to the stage and despite taking a few songs for the crowd to warm up to them, they eventually had a vast array of attendees in close proximity to the stage by the end of their set.

The main event, Pavilion, hit the stage in celebration of their latest single ‘Hellfire‘ (which we all waited patiently for throughout their set) but first, they smashed through a whole bunch of rock filled fan favs such as ‘Truth‘, ‘Age Of Fear‘, ‘Chains‘ and ‘Battlefield‘. The crowd fed off the band’s energy almost instantaneously with every song played. Frontman Peter Muldoon was on point during the entirety of the set showcasing his vocal range and talent which absolutely (without a doubt) gained the band a few more solid followers in the process. Pete Hart was fire on the kit and really looked like he was enjoying the shit out of himself.

The first set was wrapped up with a stellar ‘Paradise City‘ cover, complete with wahu balls being thrown into the crowd and one of the most involved sing-a-longs ever before they exited the stage momentarily, only to return for their encore/main event; debuting ‘Hellfire‘ for the keen and eager fans who had been waiting with baited breath to hear their first taste of it live and it went off! The show wrapped up with ‘Scars‘ and we were left with a huge smile on our faces, pleased with what the evening had brought on for us.

(Note: Zero 1 Zero played after Pavilion which we found out afterwards so unfortunately, they’re not mentioned in this review)

Gig Review & Photo Gallery by Charlyn Cameron. Insta: @chuck_stuff
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Void Matter

Valhalla Lights


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