Greyscale Records Showcase – Gig Review 10th August @ The Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC

Greyscale Records Showcase
The Corner Hotel
10th August 2019
Line-Up: Alpha Wolf, Antagonist A.D., Gravemind, Aburden, Deadlights and Anticline

To celebrate the great success of Greyscale Records in just three short years, some of the labels best talent came together to show their love and appreciation for the record label that has helped them to grow into the world-class acts they are today.

First up was Anticline, an independent act who won a competition to be the opening band on the night. These guys did a terrific job of warming up the crowd and slotted in nicely with the genres of the other bands on the bill. They displayed their metalcore sound in such a confident manner, proving that they well and truly deserve their spot on that line-up. Deadlights took to the stage next and they picked up where Anticline left off with their high energy jump-mosh post-hardcore. Playing a mix of old and new songs reacted well with the packed band room who in turn produced plenty of singalongs for the Brisbane act who travelled to Melbourne for a 25-minute set.

It was then time for Aburden to jump onstage, with an impressive, awe-inspiring light show on display which is something these guys haven’t done before. This band started with a few technical difficulties but quickly and professionally addressed the issued within the first minute of their opening song. Better Half vocalist Christopher Vernon jumped on stage as a guest vocalist during the song ‘They Say’ which was special, to say the least. Frontman Mason Foster makes captivating a crowd seem simple; he moves around on stage, displaying the utmost confidence and enthusiasm any musician could possibly have. Playing a mix of old and new favourites as well as an unreleased song, which is seemingly heavier than the music they usually write. Aburden is on their way to the top, if you are yet to witness their incredible talent, don’t wait much longer.

One of the newest members of the Greyscale Records family and arguably the heaviest band of the night Gravemind were up next, and they quickly pushed things into fifth gear! With the recent release of their debut album titled Conduit (our review here), these guys were one of the most anticipated acts of the night. Performing songs such as ‘Vox Populi’ and ‘Reading;Steiner’ for the first time in front of an audience. Frontman Dylan Gillies-Parsons showed off his exceptional vocals, which are quite easily one of the best within Australia’s metalcore/deathcore scene. He manages to switch from high pitch screams to low growls with ease. Instrumentally this act is world-class; they play without missing a note and with impeccable timing. The future is bright for this act who is known around the globe for their unbelievable talent.

Auckland, New Zealand locals Antagonist A.D. took to the stage next, and they kept the energy high with their hardcore sound! From the first note played an almost violent mosh pit arose from the crowd. Throughout their set vocalist Sam Crocker made jokes about Greyscale Records owner Ash Hull saying “I didn’t realise this many people would show up for Ash Hull‘s 16th birthday.” before getting Ash Hull and Greyscale Records co-owner Josh Merriel on stage and encouraged the crowd to keep them in the air for the duration of song while they crowd surfed. This was arguably the best set of the night, as much as it was funny due to the bands jokes and funny nature, they played an incredible, awe-inspiring set. Having been a band for fourteen years, their experience showed as they managed to captivate the crowd.

Lastly, Greyscale Records most successful act Alpha Wolf took to the stage to play a forty-minute set. This bands popularity has seemingly increased by the minute since they released their debut album Mono and more recently their latest E.P. Fault (our review here). With this performance being their last show in the country before heading over to Asia and Europe to tour their latest offerings. This band always plays impressively and manages to create a vibe within the crowd, which is second to none. Although it seems their live act seems to be going slightly stale as they continuously play the same songs in the same order and demonstrating them in the same fashion at each show, they manage to connect with the crowd in a way incomparable with the majority of bands within this scene. With countless amounts of deafening singalongs, it is clear that Melbourne just can’t seem to get enough of these guys.

Each band that played expressed their sincere gratitude to Ash Hull and Josh Merriel, owners of Greyscale Records for doing what they do and for their help shaping this scene to becoming what it is today. The Australian scene is lucky to have Greyscale Records around, and from the guys and girls here at Wall of Sound, we sincerely thank you guys also.

Gig Review by Adam Rice (@adamrice1994)

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