PREMIERE: Two For Flinching Debut Huge New Track ‘Brick Walls’

They’re all the way from Perth, but their new track ‘Brick Walls‘ will span the kilometers to end up right in your ears. Matt Hatton (vocals/guitar), Leigh Stearne (bass/vocals), Jason Troode (drums) and Richard Stagg (guitar/vocals) are no strangers to having fun and their brand new track embodies an upbeat, punchy chorus that’ll have you up and jumping along.

This is going to be a favourite live, so strap yourself in and get to know the band that is Two for Flinching

Hey guys, great track! Can you tell us how ‘Brick Walls’ came about?

Matt: This song came about after our new lead guitarist Staggy first joined. We were so excited with the energy he added to the band, and he dropped a banger on us pretty much straight after joining. After playing around with the arrangement a little bit we tightened it up, added a few vocal hooks and guitar layers with our mate Jay from Oracle studios, and it was ready to go!

In the music video you smash a lot of gear and light it on fire, what’s that a metaphor for?

Matt: I like to smash things and set them on fire. There’s your metaphor. Next question please….. haha.

Nah to be honest the song is pretty much about stripping it all back, starting again and getting through those barriers that hold us back in life. Myself, Leigh and Jas have been in the band for three years now and been through three lead guitarists. It was kinda feeling like a lost cause. When Staggy joined it was like we finally found our missing piece so it seemed fitting to burn that part and move forward.

To someone who has never heard you before, can you describe Two For Flinching’s sound?

Matt: Growing up in the age of Nokia 3310s, dial up internet and a time when punk was simpler, I think we ended up going towards that nostalgic 90s punk sound. Not by choice, it’s just how we were raised.

Ozzy Man used your song ‘Cuckoo’ in his recap for Game of Thrones S8 E5, do you think ‘Brick Walls’ will ever live up to that career highlight?

Leigh: We sure hope so! When ‘Cuckoo’ was used in that recap we were blown away, and people seemed to like the song too. We’re pretty proud of this track so hopefully it gets some good attention.

You’re clearly GoT fans, using characters from the show can you tell us which band member would be who and why?

Leigh: Stagg = Bronn. He’s a cheeky fucker who likes to imbibe the booze. An out and out scoundrel but secretly has a big heart.

Jason = Ramsay Bolton. He’s a sick, sick individual. Very funny though.

Matt = Daenerys Targaryen. The one everybody wants to bang and wants to take over the world.

Leigh = Samwell Tarly/Hodor. I dunno, I think I’m just a blend of mentally simple and being a good cunt haha.

How excited are you guys for your single launch show at The Den on August 23rd alongside Redhook, Scalphunter, The Light The Dark and Hell Average?

Leigh: Beyond excited! We’re really close mates with Scalps and TLTD, they both absolutely slay! Hell Average are still a pretty new band on the Perth scene so I’m really looking forward to finally watching them play as I’ve heard great things and to have Redhook on board?! Fuck yeah!

Lastly, what would you say to anyone who’s on the fence about coming on down for that show?

Matt: Anyone who has heard the name Redhook in the last year knows how quickly and how hard they’ve worked to get this far. And I don’t think you’ll be able to see them in the future for only $15 after they conquer the world.

And Scalps are the true OG punks of Perth. Their live show is freakin’ immense. So much energy! Plus, I heard our bass player Leigh is gonna wear a small g-string on stage soooo……

Interview by Ebony Story

Check out Two For Flinching on Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.

And grab your tickets for their upcoming Perth show here.


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    Does this band also write music that is not the equivalent of sonic diarrhea?

  2. Anonymous // August 9, 2019 at 6:56 pm //

    I love it it’s like the home made VHS video you find in the cupboard when ya been evicted from ya rental after 16 years .

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