Did We Just Unintentionally Unveil Buried In Verona’s Return?

UPDATE: Looks like frontman Brett Anderson has shut down any new album rumours but is open to a reunion show/tour it seems…

Have you sussed out our Facebook Page yet? We’re dropping news, videos and memes a plenty over that way and speaking of memes, something happened on one we posted for a laugh about Buried In Verona (pleading for them to come back) and something was mentioned in the comments section that we need to address…

Dear Buried In Verona, please come back to us!

Love, Everyone xoxo

Posted by Wall Of Sound on Sunday, August 4, 2019

Got that?

Well, take a look at this comment from the legendary Callum Broom


Too small? Ok, hang tight for a second while we… enhance… enhance… enhance…

What. The. Fuck????

Did Richie Newman just confirm he’s writing a new Buried In Verona album because quite frankly what’s been mentioned ‘Can’t Be Unsaid‘. The band called it quits back in 2016 and went on their final tour towards ‘The End‘ not long after which wrapped up in Melbourne on November 5th… As we gear up for festival announcing season, this could potentially lead to something (e.g. reunion show for UNIFY Gathering) OR it could be Richie playing silly buggers with us. 2020 will mark ‘Four Years‘ since their farewell shows and despite the fact they said they’re ‘Done For Good‘, we ‘Can’t Let Go‘ of the idea that this could be something in the works.

Either way, the fact people are talking about BIV again could potentially open up the conversation for the band to maybe/kinda think about getting back in the saddle again at least, especially when they see how many of us want them back again. And if this article was ‘All for Nothing‘ then we call upon you ‘Vultures Above‘ and ‘Lions Below‘ to prepare to tear us apart limb from limb because of our ‘Deception‘…. ok ok I’ll stop with the puns!

Anyway, we’ll keep you posted on if this leads anywhere… we’ve reached out to Richie for further comments, he’s just given us two words “could be”

wos richie newman reply

However, we’ve been burned before so take this with a grain of salt kids….

Browny @brownypaul 


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